Purifying Heartspace Practice (pt 1)

Hello, friends! Remember how we purified our adrenal/vagus/hyppocampus/pineal gland?

Well, this video adds to that awesome series and brings us to connection with our HEART! In this exercise, we focus on purifying the energy center we know as 'heart', releasing our connections to outdated and looping heart communication energy pathways, and upgrading our heart and heart connection templates. As I explain in the video, as the planet expands and we shift dimensions, so too do we upgrade our energy systems. In the 7dplus spectrum, we have a more purified heart based energy center (5d had loops) and we plug in with intention to the frequency of universal love as our guiding principles. Working with this exercise helps us shift into that purified space and to filter out inorganic, hologram, and outdated pieces of our system. It also helps us set the heart as our navigation center and connection point for our 7dplus lives. Want to learn more about energy body autonomy? I

highly recommend the soul care course I have just created.

Please note that I have already just begun a round of the offering. I have had enough interest to merit doing a second round two weeks from now, beginning May 19. If you would like to participate in that, please email me directly and I will get you started. I am also giving exchange rate breaks and flexible registration. Click here for more on that: https://www.indicrowenergetics.com/post/want-to-learn-more-about-how-to-unify-and-care-for-your-soul.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

#heart #purification #exercise #meditation #upgrade #skill

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