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pssst....I have an invitation!

Hey, friends!

Hosting community gatherings and learning has been a hallmark of what I do and what we have come to love. Coming together and getting to know other people 'like us', to hear about the universe as experienced by others, and forming meaningful friendships is important to feeling great on earth.

As part of my re-birth into the age of Aquarius, grounding these community activities took a new form. A patreon community! In this little space, a group of loving beings have been coming together to join in on living, being, and no pressure learning. As part of the new April energy, we are opening the doors to some new membership!

Would you like to join in?


Registration: Yes, there is a monthly registration. To be inclusive, I have set several tiers (you choose yours) with the maximum one being 30 usd. This is approximately the same price as ONE of my previous learning/community gatherings. AND it includes ongoing material release by me to guide us through the energy. (Aka the patreon community is a great value. Especially if you show up to one call and work with the exercises I put out there.)

What you get: The opportunity to join in on 3 monthly zoom calls. None of these gatherings or events are 'mandatory' or with 'expected' attendance. They are there for people who like them. If you remember my 'old' model, attendance at one of these gatherings would be the same price as one registration tier. You get access to three as just one part of your registration. (The gatherings are not recorded because when we come together, we talk life things. That stays between who is there, just like in regular conversation.)

- Focused intent activities designed to keep us flowing in the highest harmonic of whatever energy pocket we are in.

- Access to a library of already posted of meditation and focused intent activities from past months. (Search the group by keyword OR do the old fashioned scroll back to view.)

- A safe space to communicate about what is going on in your life and/or to hear about other people. This is hugely important for those of us who feel isolated and/or who grow from story-telling and friendship. Without getting whiny, we get deep. This is one of my favourite parts of this community. Our ability to really speak about where we are, give and get support, and to find ways that work for us to move through it all.

- Upcoming music related focused intent activities. These are being born late April/early May. I have recruited a DJ. (Upper tiers support paying their fee....we pay our artists in this community. Please be aware I will ask for extra support around dj event times to help cover her fee. Those who are able are welcomed to chip in a little extra...especially if you are on a lower membership tier and plan to attend!)

Please click this link to check out the tiers and to get registered for our ongoing community: https://www.patreon.com/KatieIndiCrow

This is a really special place. It is also where I do most of my day to day interacting. I love being able to talk about soul and music and how we are working to find our path. This community is a space where it feels safe and good to do that.

On that note: Please be aware that if you are prone to lashing out and/or do not play well with others. This is probably not the right atmosphere for you. This is a group of people seeking a place where we can communicate without that since this is such a huge thing that is being healed in the world today. (If this is you: You are loved and you matter. Please join when community is part of what you are ready for!!!!)

That is not said to deter people from joining.

We welcome people from all parts of the path so long as they come in peace and with an attitude of respect for themselves and the other members. Just to say: Joining means that you are ready to be mindful that this is a community and a safe space. It is up to all of us to keep it like that!



Click this linktree for access to all of my newest material. There are 2 styles of energy report for April and 2 new Crow Medicines: https://linktr.ee/KatieIndiCrow

Living my life in peace and joy. Impenetrable to all else.

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