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Hello, friends of the blog!

Yesterday, through FB, I released a statement relating to some malicious targeting and treatment by an old 'teacher'. You can click this link to see the post (even if you are not on FB:

The point of the post was that in this Jupiter purification energy *supported by our friends Mars and Saturn* the old system of manipulation, soul stealing, spying, and fear based tactics used by beings to maintain control on this planet is being shown so clearly for what it is.

In telling the truth to our FB community about this harassment, we wound up opening up a huge dialogue where many others came forward and shared about how they had been abused, manipulated, targeted and hurt by 'teachers' in our community.

This conversation brought forth a HUGE wave of healing, which is ongoing. (Thank you so much to all for being part of this.)

As part of the converation yesterday, the next thing becomes: ACTION

A great thing about so many of us being ready to talk about it is that we are shifting a lot of the distortion energy associated with it out of our fields. Out of the collective. Out of being effective on the planet.

Because of this huge outpouring:

We, as a community, saw first hand how hundreds of other people in our small group are still experiencing this. We know this is still happening.

As I went into study about what we are able to do with this thread as it is presenting, I very clearly say that:

This is only still happening in the universe because we as a group have not come together yet to formally put our feet down about it. We knew this type of soul siphoning and abuse of energy was happening and many of us came here, in part, to stop it. So we were born, did our soul work, and learned what was required. Now, we take the next step. SYSTEM OVERRIDE.


Obviously, when I discovered something was ongoing in my field against my free will with the energy spying and attempt to do an 'a' by proxy, my first question is: How is this even happening? We know that this is not permitted. We know this is not fair or right.

How is this tech still functioning?

This type of activity feeds an old energy web that is part of the outdated planetary system design code. We understand the code. We see how it works. To undo it will require some collective action.


In part, because it was a lot of collective action to build it. This system is/was strong, otherwise it never would have been able to stay in existence.

What I have looked into in terms of how to override this is that we will be able to do it. that it will take teamwork and a lot of our collective standing up in ceremony and intent leading up until December 21, when we will completely override the system. The planets are friendly. Universal order and decree aligns with this. If we would like to ban spying and spiritual manipulation tactics that were going on through the last epoch to destroy us. We are able.

The planet wishes to be free. The grids are tired of being used. The planets like Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter are tired of being abused. Together, we come together to align for freedom of our souls and our systems.


1) Weekly intentional energy gatherings to support freedom on the planet (universe). What gets focused on will have to do with our cosmic alignments. Many of the activities will be released open access so we are all able to support. Some will be held in sacred space circle and kept to those who are align to show up to the gathering 'live'. We align with the highest vibrational potential, as always.

2) Get more people trained on how to harness energy in ceremony. Though it seems benign and unimportant when the veil is on, veil lifted. We know that people who are powerful at harnessing energy are powerful at helping support the planet. Trust me when I tell you that it is ceremony masters that were keeping us down. It is ceremony masters that get and keep us free. WE ALL HAVE THE CAPACTIY TO BE MASTERS. This program is brand new. EXCELLENT material that shows you exactly what the power of ceremony is and how we work with elements to support our healthy lives. This includes CALLING FORTH YOUR OWN FREEDOM. I highly recommend getting started with this now:

3) Once we have focused on the personal ceremony this month, we will do more work with the planetary practices. We learn how energy works in our own life before we go playing with the big stakes so that we are able to be RESPSONSIBLE and grounded in our actions. Learning from the ground up is essential part of responsibly performing ceremony for ourselves, this planet, and our universe.


I will be keeping some of these conversations into my own sacred space in the private members community I built. Not to be exclusive. Not to be limiting. Mostly, to keep myself, us, and these plans in high vibrational space. It sounds crazy but there really are people who spy. There are people who do not have our best interests at heart. There are people who have already maliciously targeted many of us. Keeping us in space that I moderate and gatekeep fully keeps us out of those factors.

Not into being in group? Totally acceptable. I welcome people coming to join the support ceremonies and information sessions related to this to 'drop in' . (If we have not met before, make sure to send an email to say hi to me beforehand. New people are welcomed. It is nice to get a moment to become acquainted before heading into the meeting. This is also part of how I keep us safe.)

FIRST GATHERING: SATURDAY, OCTOBER 3 at 10 AM ADT: The topic will be group meditation/purification practice to promote energetic autonomy. There will be a replay of the meditative practice that particiapnts may work with to support themselves thereafter. I request a registration for this one, as the type of lifting I will personally have to do to support this kind of clearing is significant (leading a meditation like this as the facilitator means that I hold our space clear of this energy/create the pure conditions for you to safely shift/highlight the spark for pure connection). If you feel that you would highly benefit from this practice but have no cash (we know the cash squeeze happens), email me. As long as we feel aligned, I will send you the personal practice when we are done. (Please note: This is not part of the IndiCrow Community monthly package. It is its own event because of the nature, depth, and breadth of skill required to do this!):

From here on out, the gatherings to support planetary freedom will be on Friday am. Please see upcoming posts for access information. There will be open access activities. There will also be ones we are doing in privacy for the above stated reasons. Subscribing to my mailing list on my blog will ensure you get upcoming notifications (If you are part of IndiCrow Community, these will be included with your registration!! The skills we are building are exactly for this!!)


Please note: If you are seeking an in-depth engagement on energetic autonomy and personal freedom, I have created this offering which you are able to study at your own pace (also willing to release it at the exchange of 300 cad as the listed price includes group calls. Self study, seems fair to give a price shift!: Also remember: I offer 1:1 private sessions. Please also remember my youtube page that has hundreds of open access materials that are available for you to work with at any moment!

Here is a great little practice you can work with throughout your day:

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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