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Processing Petra: Masculine and Feminine Wound (and Re-Unification)

Hey, friends!

This is an update that I recorded this evening in regard to an energy event that has now begun and will continue for the next at least 24 hours.

This will be full body for many. Please take the time to drink water, get cozy, and remember to love yourself, your family, and your friends. This is not a time to lash out, though it may feel that way. This is a time to heal our innermost wounding. The incident that I describe here has a lot to do with what became the 'masculine/feminine' wounding and binary divide.

Many of us, myself included, were energy based. We were essential forms, dragons, and many what would be called 'androgynous'. To be here, we chose bodies. That which became coded as 'feminine' and 'woman' had awesome womb capabilities and so, some of us lived in them. That became a problem and source of insecurity for certain galactic interests who were not impressed that their stranglehold on planet earth was likely to be dissolved through acts like what we were creating with the activated human DNA pattern.

*I do believe what is coded as male bodies also have womb like creation capabilities. I look forward to learning more about that as the veil of this and other associated incidents that created the feeling of male body as lacking in creative potential. Semen is a thing.*

TW: I speak about sexual violence in this post and use the f bomb multiple times. It is well placed, however I know many listen with children in the room. Be aware. I share that with respect.

Please feel free to share, this is a community resource.

Also, please do check out IndiCrow Academy and IndiCrow Energetics for support on moving through this. I have lots of open access material and get now training that is here for just these moments.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

Thank you to my community for supporting me in all ways as I do this work. Your love, positive comments, shares, and financial contributions are what keep me going. I graciously receive to paypal.me/KatieIndiCrow.

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