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Prepare Our Sites and Selves for Major Influx

Hey, friends!

It is another beautiful day to connect to the planet.

As you are probably now recognizing, we are experiencing influxes each and every day (sometimes multiple times a day) that are connected to different parts of our cosmic energy spectrum.

We are receiving information.

We are in the process of physically upgrading.

We are shifting through threads of dissolution of strands of multiple timelines.

Self care is incredibly important. The time to rest, adjust, breathe, and grow can transform this season into one that is fun. We are all expanding to be able to hold more light. As we move into the next few weeks, there will be another timeline shift series, another big shift in the general operational vibration of the earth grids, and a lot of people will be crossing to energetic connection in higher vibrational dimensional plains. Things are going VERY WELL. In order for this to happen, we as beings on this planet are being called to receive these big waves of energy as anchors and conduits. Doing this will transform our lives and the planet. *We have done this before. Think about last Lion's Gate and just how different things are.*

Part of this process is personal. We shift density by going through our own lives and aligning our trajectories. I have created a whole lot of material to support various phases of this process that you can check out here. There are videos about bifurcation, personal alignment ceremonies, timeline shifting, the illumination phase and more: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsjJ4WONayhH2D0c77w8HFQ


Those of us who are involved with caretaking for the grids of the earth and the blueprint project (and beyond), have been carefully working through each strand as they come, embodying the frequency, figuring out the highest vibrational path, and of course, listening to the call of the earth.

For me, each day is filled with the adventure of a different series of sites to visit, andaras, and vastly different yet intricately connected energy-scapes. I am tuning sites for work later on this summer, contributing to the 2020 creation process, and doing a lot of cosmic harmonization to support the transmission and distribution of our incoming gateway.

As part of this process, I get to communicate information to many of you! I know that many have come to my work seeking more information on how to support the planet. We have connected for many years on our work together in Love Wave and through our public ceremonies and collective calls to action. We have worked with the tree network, unicorns, dragons, animals, and the elements. As we have done this, we have built allies and lit up our communities, creating a tapestry rich for co-creation that we are able to call forth in moments like this!

Today, I invite you to begin charging up the sites that you have worked with over the years. Those trees for the tree network are ready to get more green light. If you recall, I put a lot of emphasis into anchoring light in our communities over the years and even created the book 'Connecting In' to support this. Remembering all those places you went and anchored light with the book "Connecting In" (or of your own accord) is also a great way to begin this! As they come to your mind, renew the light to them and intend to help them prepare for our next steps by envisioning them receiving a stream of crystal energy coming in through the light columns we have been creating!

Gridworkers who have trained with me: The battery cells in your community and around the world are ready to be charged and connected into the effort. Visit them physically, astrally, and spend time anchoring light with them. Envision them forming a global tapestry of light, linking up with every other space of light created/connected around the world.

It is also a great activity to begin calling forth any information on your incoming knowledge/tools that are ready to be applied to your creation situation!

IF YOU ARE A GATEKEEPER/GRIDWORKER BY TRADE: This is full point press. I encourage all to take the best possible care of themselves that they can. We have a lot to do these next two weeks and self care is so important (as noted in the first part of this). We do not have to do everything. Staying in the moment and taking things day by day, moment by moment is a great way to stay centered and feel calm. We have been working on this for so long. I have full confidence in our abilities.


I am being called to get outside right now and so am going to semi-awkwardly cut this off (you know me, I go when called).

The point here is that we are moving into acceleration! Personal care is great. Planetary support is, too.

For those of you who are interested in getting out there and helping to light up your community, here is a direct link to"Connecting In"(referenced above). Feel free to check it out if you would like more information about the planetary grid and the light anchoring exercise:


I remind you that I have created a wide variety of tools useful for this now including the one linked above. You can check them out at my youtube page or through my blog (both called IndiCrow Energetics). I have been spending many years getting ready for this and invite you to take a spin through what is available if you are wanting more information or some basic tools to get you through parts of this ascension process.

For those seeking more depth than what is offered in these posts: I also remind you about IndiCrow Academy, which is my online training and services access hub. There is everything from energy aligning meditation practices to advanced training in there, with a good few of the basics available for 5.55, 10.10, and 20.20! Click here for more: https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com

More from me soon!

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

*If you are interested in gridwork training, registration for my introductory as level two training are open. Click this link for more information: http://www.indicrowenergetics.com/post/learning-and-connection-opportunities-for-late-july-and-august

Contact me directly at katieindicrow@gmail.com to register.

I also have a few session spots open for those seeking 1:1 support!

*Please feel free to share. This is a community resource.*

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