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Claim Your Freedom: Purify Pineal Gland, Hippocampus, Vagus Nerve and Adrenal System

Greetings, friends!

As we know, many of us on this planet were once plugged into a 3d grid system. A major energy overlay component of this grid is what is referred to as the 'archon grid'. (Though they overlap, please note they are not one in the same.)

As I explain at the beginning of this practice (and in other pieces I will link below), many of us here on this planet experienced bodily adaptations that kept us plugged into and looping with our outdated timelines, past karmic conditions, and fear. As we go through our healing and alignment processes, we close out those past connections, leave the loops behind, and experience new lives and possibilities. A huge objective of awakening and expanding our energy bodies is to rebuild and purify our soul/body/emotional system. (I highly recommend this piece for detailed information on that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5i9ImnUtxzc&t=12s).

A big part of how we were once plugged into that looping system are developments in the human body that came about as we 'evolved' in the past epochs. For example, many people experience plaque on their pineal gland and hippocampus. Many of us live in states of hyper-stress, constantly in cortisol stress reaction. This pumps up our adrenal system, keeping us in a heightened state. This is also in part how many who were once connected into the archon grid were. Through actions of this system and reacting to/within it, that 'fear' or 'dense' power reaction will feed it. I discuss this extensively in this video, which I recommend to all who would like to learn more about that adrenochrome powered system: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhmCIgTTf8o&t=2327s

This exercise is one that was created to support the purification of our adrenal system, vagus nerve, hippocampus, and pineal gland. As I explain throughout the practice, these have a lot to do with emotional regulation, memory, perception, and emotional/soul/body integration. You will also notice as we go through the practice, these are also connected to the spots many of us have been feeling shifting/have felt tinges in throughout the past. (I work with images in this one to make it easy to connect. Visuals are important when working with things like this.)

Ever wonder about that ringing in your ears? That is connected to your central tuning system. I speak about that system all throughout!! I know so many are seeking to understand it in more depth.

I recommend working with the energy and techniques offered in this practice 6 or 7 times. That will ensure that you are supporting the rebuild and purification. Often times, it takes more than 'one go' to fix something like this. These tools will now forever be in your kit, available to give a boost when required.

I hope you enjoy and find this practice helpful!

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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