Practice: Calling In Purified Communication and Releasing Impacts of Distortion

Greetings, friends!

Earlier this week, I wrote a piece about a huge tangle of communication distortion that I have been working with in our interstellar grids/environment. Please read about it here, in one of my most important updates shared to date:

Since we have begun this adjustment, large parts of information has come about and through for purification. This is a quick practice that I offer you, my beloved community, to employ as part of connecting to your purified messages. This also includes welcoming forgiveness, peace, and understanding in communications.

Support for this ongoing community program is welcomed to or through if in Canada doing etransfer.

I am also happy to host you 1:1 for session should you require personal support!

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

#practice, #tool, #purification #meditation #communication

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