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Plugging into the Planet: Family Learning Series pt.1

Hello, friends!

We are in a changing time where many of us are finding ourselves home. This creates great opportunities for us to learn and share in new ways. This family learning series is all about sharing the joy of energy and the planet with our children! I share more about the intention and inspiration behind it, here!


A big focus of this series is to develop energy awareness, management, and skills in a fun environment where there are other kids, animals, and adults present. Community is important now, more than ever! Not to mention getting together is fun and we all can do with more of that. In this meeting, we began to talk about our senses. We also practiced learning how they help us to feel energy.

Our activities for this session were:

1) Plugging into the planet and learning how the planet is a crystal.

2) Our auric fields! How to feel ours, clear ours, and how they feel different from other peoples. Next week, we are going to talk about elementals with a special focus on getting to know dragons and unicorns.

See you Tuesday at 10 am ADT for that. (Please subscribe to my blog www.indicrowenergetics.com to receive notifications about it. You may also write me at katieindicrow@gmail.com and request to be put on the family learning email list. You may also find my paypal information there if moved to send along a gift of thanks for this series.)

See you with pt. 2 of the series, next week!

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In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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