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Planetary Tree Network: Intentional Light Anchoring Activity

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Hello, friends!

We can agree. The trees of this planet are amazing. Today (this week), they are ready to step up and help us purify the planet. This post is an invitation to a live ceremony (happening at 10 am ADT). In it, there are also resources that you can work with in this now/in your sacred work at home to help support them and this planet. We are the ones we have been waiting for. We get tree friends to co-create with. I love this!

A Recording of Our Sacred Practice and Sharing

Please contribute at any time! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KI6rYDHjbnA&t=1442s

Tree Focused Resources

Last April, May, and June we had a huge focus on lighting up and getting to know the global tree network as part of an international project that I coordinated all about helping get them ready for the next phases of ascension at their request. I want to send some shout outs to those who were part of this, including the Love Wave members, IndiCrow community peeps, 11:11 A Global Movement, Yukia Azora Sandara and the many people who came in the love of trees to be part of it.

As we know, part of taking care of the planet is having an ongoing conversation with it. Our tree friends are ready to support us with our emotional and energetic transitions. They are also ready to step up and work as the powerful purification and space holding agents that they are to stabilize us in to the highest vibrational frequency pattern possible.

This means that we can work with what we already learned! We are also invited to develop new ways of understanding and co-creating with them.

Affixed to this post is a short list of tree resources that we have generated as part of this initiative. I will continue to add to it as I am able later on today. I am in the middle of coordinating this whole thing...you know me and computers while in the astrals :P.

Exercise: Tree Light Anchoring Techniques: Global Tree Lighting Project, Day 4

As noted in the first three days of our project, trees are beautiful and powerful co-creators of this planet. They have thoughts, feelings, and they have asked for our help.

Here is a quick exercise that you can use at any time to connect in with them!

(I will affix other examples at the end of this message).


Before going outside or setting about your day, get into a meditative state and set the intention that you would like to support lighting up and connecting to trees in your area.

As you get to that meditative state, open your heart and ask if there is a tree near where you are that would like to receive your support.

Allow yourself to be guided to that tree over the course of your walk (or day if you are out in general and not for this specific activity).

You will know the tree that is calling you because it will catch your attention. (Like we spoke about in our exercise for yesterday, they can call you with waves or even just standing out!)

When you find a tree that you feel inspired to connect with, approach it and let it know what you are there to do.

Sit at the base of the tree with your back nestled comfortably with its trunk.

Breathe with the tree. Allow yourself to envision it having an energy system.

Allow yourself to connect with the tree from its very tippy top to its roots.

Sit with it and feel it as long as you need to.

When you are ready, invite the tree to open up to receive crystalline energy frequency.

Envision a big beam of crystal white light coming from source and going all the way through the tree from its leaves to its roots.

Envision that energy helping to clear and align the tree. it is raising its frequency.

Sit with the tree until you feel that the practice has completed.

Thank it, thank you, and repeat as many times as you feel inspired with as many trees as you are able!

Additional Resources (short list). Materials Originally Generated for Global Tree Lighting Project, 2019.

Day 2: The Crystalline Function of Trees:

25 minute video sharing about the call the trees issued to me about this project and how they are asking us to light them up so they can support our next phases of ascension. This is particular related to coding and interdimensional travel: https://www.facebook.com/lightemissary1111/videos/781873585533044/

Day 3: Talking to Trees pt. 1

How to speak with trees.


Day 8: Trees as Transfiguration and Soul Support Technology

Together with the trees, I share about how our friends come together to support us during times of grief and transition. This includes how they are able to act as stargates and passing points, something of great interest in this now.They also are able to serve as support systems in places with transitional energy like a hospital, memorial, or old age home. Trees are able to help create calming and soothing environments, and we as beings on this earth can help light them up and care for them so they can do that!Getting to know the trees in your area starts with opening your heart and connecting in. When you learn to listen, you never know what you could learn!


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