Planetary Ascension Exercise: Children, Animals, and Pyramids

Greetings, friends!

This is the recording of our recent community Equinox gateway gathering. Please note that the activities in this meditation are great for personal alignment and planetary support at ANY time. Not just Equinox. This is the same for all of the public practices I release.

The focus of our co-creation was to join together and call forth energy and intention to be brought into our timelines and ascension pathways. The gateway remains open for a number of days. Please join in by doing the activity from your cozy space! Please feel free to repeat now or any time that you feel inspired.

Key focale points for our gathering were personal empowerment, creating loving environments and accessing secure conditions for all children everywhere, rediscovering the sacred relationship between people and animals, and securing the crystalline ascension pathway for our planet.

We also called forth and released distortion on sex and sexuality, inorganic timelines, and for peaceful accountability as the true nature of societal pain points are revealed. In addition to focusing on these parts of the veil and pathways, we also supported calibration and integration of our cosmic energy systems.

The two main points that we shared in this session are the planetary pyramid networks and the 7d plus pyramid overlays that are now active (yay)! The crystalline energy boost is well appreciated by all technicians and supports ensuring a purified, smooth, and clear process for all.

For those interested in the upcoming gridwork training and/or the galactic connection group, please contact me at I will add you to the mailing list for each program. I will be in contact this week. Thank you to all for being part of this activity.

Please feel free to share with the intention of spreading love and peace.

This is a community resource.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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