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Personal Alignment Exercise: Solstice and Eclipse Energy Preparation Support

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Hey, friends! We are in the eclipse gateway, our energy acceleration in the solstice pocket has begun, and we are vibing HIGH. Feeling that rush of energy? Anxiety? A lot of emotions coming up?

This is all part of what this huge leap into 2021 is all about.

As you have heard me mention, I put together a fun learning experience called Journey into 2021. This is an excerpt from it. I loved the welcome exercise for it so much that I chose to release it to you, my community. It is a gift of love for your love. It is great as a standalone and something that I am very proud to have created. This is the most powerful piece of ceremony I ever wrote for us.

Exercise 1 (EXCERPT FROM JOURNEY INTO 2021) Reviewing Your Cycle of Venus

Please note that this exercise is one that you may find yourself returning to throughout the month. As energy works, we bring in information in nonlinear fashion. What you bring forth in this first sit with the practice may well be a sparker that will light up a journey of self reflection, clearing, congratulations, and alignment that will serve as the basis of this experience. (Blog Note: New to this concept cycle of Venus? We began the one we are wrapping up now in December 21, 2012. Solstice this year represents our leap into the next Cycle. Click here for a video explaining more about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YqTEbXaQFtg&t=458s).

Baseline Meditation with Variations

Get into a meditative state.

Begin by breathing deeply. A count of 4 for your inhale (all the way to your belly), 5 for a hold (where the fresh breath supplies your body with fresh energy), and a release of 6 (pushing your belly button as far back into your spine as you can while you do it).

Connect to the crystalline core of earth as your first harmonic point. Feel its buzz begin start tickling the soles of your feet. Welcome it to flow up into your feet, up your legs and in through your body. Set the intention to connect and align to your highest harmonic experience.

Connect to source. Call forth the energy of source through your upper energy body system, feeling it pour like a silvergold waterfall in through your energy system. Aligning you with that home from which your soul spark traveled.

Once you have settled into your experience, call forth your UNIFIED SOUL. Know that your soul exists in unification and that the more you regard it and align it as that, the more you will have that experience.

(Mastery Note: We unify with our soul because the point here is to have a soul clearing and connection experience. This is an important part of what many people learned this cycle of Venus: WE are the source of our own best interest, best advice, and best guidance. Living in the recognition of that and practicing an exercise like what is listed above as the preamble to the practice for this offering is an EXCELLENT habit to create a part of the journey.)

In conversation with your soul, ask yourself:

What have been your benchmark moments throughout this past cycle of Venus?

What have been the moments that your soul recognizes and calls forth as your most significant? What made them significant? Were there lessons there? Important life changes?

Do you have any overhanging objectives, cord, or connections that are ready to be dissolved in peace and love as you prepare to step into a higher harmonic? What are they? As they come up in your field envision them dissolving away. Visualize yourself letting go of outdated thought patterns by waving goodbye to imaginary papers with the words describing the habit (or whatever it is) being burnt or disappearing.

What have been the moments that your soul is most ready to release? Is there anything particularly important to be left in the past.

Building on that. What are the valuable lessons and insights that your soul suggests you carry through?

When you have finished your reflection, return to your grounded connection in crystalline earth by completing the practice as we began it:

Return to your deep breathing. Focus on it for 3 full counts. (One count is: A count of 4 for your inhale (all the way to your belly), 5 for a hold (where the fresh breath supplies your body with fresh energy), and a release of 6 (pushing your belly button as far back into your spine as you can while you do it).

Release the practice.

Mastery note: This is a major practice. It is advisable to give yourself space to return to it throughout this first seven day cycle. You may also find yourself remaining within this creationspace right up until solstice. That is wonderful!! These reflections are wonderful ways to celebrate what we learned, let go of what is no longer necessary, and get streamlined for our now moments and future!

Mastery Note 2: The process of meditation, reflection, and writing signals to your soul to begin bringing experiences in your path to help you interface with the things you are seeking to identify, work through, release and or align. This interface process is important to the personal pathway process in that you get to come into an 'old' pattern and dissolve its connection to your current pathway by bringing understanding to it, letting any emotional discord or attachment dissolve. This opens up different perspective and pathway that becomes that higher harmonic experience or form of embodiment.

EXAMPLES: You decide you would like to release a behaviour pattern, like being defensive. In order for you to do this, remaining pieces of energy relating to why you are defensive will come up. You are able to dissolve and blueprint through by choosing to act differently in the process. You bring understanding to self and form a new path of action by 'doing it different'. This works with karmic patterns, too. Working through a pattern of oppression or pain from a past life, say with martyrdom or being a target, may bring that energy up in your field. This can be sudden and shocking, especially if you have 'dealt with it'. It can feel demoralizing. In the context of this program: Remember that we are at this precious phase of having ended an epoch (2020) and then stepping into our new Cycle of Venus (December 21, 2020) and Astrological Age (Aquarius). This was our 'margin' year. It has been rough for many. If it gets a little sad or hard during the review process, know in your heart it truly is over. Feel it. Heal it. Be grateful for the lessons and move on. We have WAY MORE CLEAR pathways to construct in other parts of this program. We are clearing the muck now so that they flow much more freely!!!!

Remember to nestle into those moments of celebration in your review when if you feel yourself getting too heavy. This stuff is deep. The joy and happiness part of our gathering is the focus. Having the ability to do a flip back to a higher harmonic is important. We will work on that with our exercise for the next phase of our program!!


Welcoming people to join in on the rest of the experience :)!! Email me at katiendicrow@gmail.com to get in on it. (Registration request is $122 cad and accepting 'what I can' contributions from those in alignment.)

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