Opening, Activating, and Expanding the Heart

DNA Spectrum Activation pt. 2

Activation waves continue!

Creator Note: This is a photo and activation series that I created to support activation and expansion in the 12 strand plus DNA spectrum. It was originally published March 8, 2018. I am sharing the series again in its entirety because we are having a big beautiful kundalini awakening/expansion series. A lot of people are having their 12 strand plus opening, while those who have had it open already are receiving upgrades and being tuned. These exercises are simple and effective!

Yesterday we focused on third eye and purple/violet spectrum in our DNA focus. Our third eye and psychic sense were stimulated. Click here for that exercise:

Today, we connect to expansion of heart, connection to the emerald and crystalline green energy spectrum, and allowing ourselves to live our lives in love. Unconditional love is an important part of divine truth, and learning to see and embody the 'god particle', this 12 strand + activated DNA spectrum that many sacred orders have worked to protect. Anything but love is an illusion. Fear, pain, aggression, unhappiness - what we have been taught is the human condition - is not at all what we and this planet are about.

Connecting with this drawing in a state of meditation will help you awaken and widen the spectrum of the emerald crystal ray within your DNA. Moving through the series giving each a few moments consideration is recommended!


Connect to the crystalline core of the planet to stabilize yourself and your system.

Connect to source.

Feel the purified energy of source running through your body.

Intend to receive the most high vibrational activation points that are avaialble to your spectrum as you do the exercise.

Intend to open up your heart for clearing, activation, and upgrading.

Place your attention on the images. Bring them into your meditative state.

Feel into the various iterations of green; use them as a guide to invite in these variations in the light spectrum. Feel the greens working through your body system. Rippling through your heart.

Once your heart is full, allow their green energy to move through all of your lives, giving love where needed and turning anything but that to sparkle dust.

If you are working through heart based pain, envision the lines and waves of green going into the energy of those moments. Allow them to purify feelings of being unlovable, misunderstood, or or hurt deeply. The greends can bring peace, understanding, and release.

Using the curve and slope of the lines of this image as a guide will encourage connection back to what is you. Truth. Unity. Love.

When you feel the love all through you, ground back to source and the earth intending this to be your baseline experiential vibration.

Renew your connection to the crystalline earth.

Renew your connection to source.

Allow yourself to ground into this reality state and close off the practice when you are ready!

ALSO. If you feel inspired: The earth grids would do well with feeling a little love wave, today. We have a whole lot of fear spreading out and through the collective as certain news events bring up that which we must release/understand/transfigure. Connecting to the earth and sending a big wave of love once you have felt your own, intending it gets to the souls calling for it is a sweet and simple way to send support.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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