New Moon Gathering

Welcoming you to participate in a new moon gathering with me on Friday, October 16th at 10 am ADT.

Hello, friends! As I shared in our last 3 video updates, our collectives are in the process of preparing to step into a whole new wave of empowered co-creation. (Click here for those:

Building on this exciting theme, we will be working with new moon energy on Friday, October 16th, to welcome this new phase into our lives!!

Part 1: New Moon Ceremony: Calling forth empowered connection to sacred skills, self awareness, and the self confidence to know YOU (WE) ARE ENOUGH!

I will lead/facilitate this part of the gathering. In it, I will open up the field of energy/astral alignments and support our connection with/to/through the new moon energy that we are being gifted with.

DURING THIS PART OF THE GATHERING: Participants will receive information about how to work with the new moon and its purification/sparking power, receiving guidance on moving through the moon cycle as what they call forth comes into their stream for embodiment.

For those new/feeling nervous: During this part, you can only see my face and hear my voice on the screen. You are not 'expected' to speak. Your privacy is important.

Part 2: Community Conversation

Participants will be welcomed into friendly conversation. Moderated by me (Katie), we will be welcomed to discuss our journey into self awareness! This will be all about talking about coming into acceptance of who we are (as people) as well as what we are engaging as a collective. We can chat the energy we worked with to focus. We can pose questions to one another.

As we know, I absolutely love the conversation part of our gatherings. Getting to know one another, hearing the stories and experiences of other people on the path is healing, inspiring, and sparking. No person is 'expected' to speak, though all participants are welcomed to engage should they feel inspired.

Click here to register:

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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