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New Epoch, Who Dis?

Welcome to the first day (evening) of our lives in the new Epoch, the Age of Aquarius.

It is not every day that we get to say that.

Today (tonight) is an excellent opportunity to set the tone and harmonic of your New Epoch Reality stream. AKA: A moment to do something new and to move in a direction that inspires and nurtures YOU!

Taking action is how we ground this new energy into our lives.

Ready? Today is a GREAT day for a reality switch!

Some inspiration on ways to activate and power up our new reality streams:

1) Move your body. This could be as simple as lifting your arms to build your range of motion or as intense as a powerlifting session. If you are brand new at the body movements, remember: A few steps is a start!

2) Say yes to something. It could be an invite to a zoom call, a new online dance class, receiving support from a loved one. Many of us have a little kneejerk 'no' reaction based in 'self protection' and the rhetoric of busy-ness. Life never gets lighter if we do not start letting those new vibes in. Saying 'yes' is a great way to do it!

3) Learn something that inspires you and/or that you feel good after engaging with. This could be really anything under the sun. Curiousity is one of the great drivers of fulfillment. It is also a key building block for grounding new reality streams. Learning by engaging with instructional videos (like mine) and handbooks are great ways to build a skillset. So too are signing up for an online class, going back to school, or exploring the history of your city! There are gems of information all around us. In 2020, a lot of our learning brought us to societal 'what the heck' moments. We will see more of this in 2021 and this is necessary. Remember that learning is also nourishing in ways that we can walk away from computers, books, and conversations feeling happily excited about.

4) Do something to nurture and/or nourish your soul. Shifting into this new epoch was like the equivalent of running a marathon in soul form. Souls require rest and care, just like our bodies do. Signs your soul is tired? To name just a few: Being extremely emotional, having a round time 'grounding', feelings like being angsty or that you 'just need rest' yet you have been sleeping a lot.

Never really thought about this process? Curious how to speak to your soul? I made an exercise and explanation for you. Click here for it: https://www.indicrowenergetics.com/post/2019/05/15/souls-like-to-rest-self-care-and-soul-support (Hey, if you do this, you probably just did #3 and maybe even will follow through with #4!!! See! You did it.)


If developing a loving, nurturing, and nourishing relationship with your soul in freedom is one of your 2021 objectives, I have something exciting for you!

This is a loving invitation to people who were inspired by these questions/topics to join me for my flagship learning experience, SOUL COMPASS! We begin January 10, 2021 (and this is a study at your own pace offering). This is BRAND new material (and the book that comes with it) are ALL about nuruturing our souls and having the courage and tools to live our unique soul essence: https://www.indicrowenergetics.com/post/soul-compass-getting-to-know-your-unique-soul-essence-and-signature. Email me at katiendicrow@gmail.com to register, today. This program will reach capacity.

Not Getting to this Message Until December 23 or after? Do not worry. You are not 'too late'!

Remember!!! This is a PLANTING SEASON. Did not get around to doing something new, today? That is totally alright! You are not too late. This is a new Cycle of Venus, epoch, season, and almost also 2021. This is a hugely powerful window. Every moment is a great one to start living in higher harmonic alignment with you.

Seeking more information on the new epoch and what it all means? I have been cranking out a series of videos and written posts at www.indicrowenergetics.com. Click here for the most recent: https://www.indicrowenergetics.com/post/ageofaquarius.


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