My Testimony: Part 2

In this video, I share about the energy and esoteric aspects of the construction of the archon grid. In doing so, I open up about my experiences as a child tagged into the soul slavery system, my journey to freedom, and and how we as a community have the responsibility to claim our soul autonomy and to ensure we act in love and clarity as we build forward.

This one goes deep in that it talks about majik, souls, and how so many beings got connected into the grid. What will perhaps be of very high interest will be the conversations about how energy from starseed souls was tagged and targeted. I speak about dream time, sacred sites, and most importantly how we are able to purify our experiences!

This video is perhaps the most important I have ever made. It is also very 'heavy' in subject matter at some points. Please, if you are able, listen through until the end. There are a lot of pieces of information in here that show us how we can claim our freedom, recognize distortion and most importantly, let go of it.

I am hopeful that what I have shared here will also help people come to grips with their own connection to this old system. To let it go. To heal. To be free. That is truly why I have shared what is here.

#disclosure #autonomy #Soul #freedom

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow


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