My Spiritual Life (episode 3): Exalting the Masculine

Welcome back to another installment of 'My Spiritual Life'. This Wednesday, we cover an important topic: Exalting the Masculine.

As we note at the outset of this broadcast: Masculine does not mean 'man'. We all have these principles that have been coded as 'masculine' within us. A huge part of the journey we have been on the past six months with our walk of Jupiter and Saturn (not to mention Mars and Uranus). *More on that here in this supplemental video:

Because we hear so little about what it is to be an identifying male, living in a male body, walking on the spiritual path, today we take a focus on what it has been like to be one from our two guests: Mike and Ryan!

After getting over my laughable introduction (woops, new computer new life happened to ground that morning), we get into a GREAT conversation about how Ryan and Mike developed their path. Nutrition, physical fitness, and sports/athleticism as vehicles through which to understand, ground, and move through energy in the body is a big theme of both of their journeys and thus our conversation. We talk about kids in sports, developing through physical exercise, as well their mutual fascination of energy and nutrition as part of the awakening process.

We also talk about some of their experiences finding safe spaces for self expression. Having ways to discuss emotions, knowing that it is alright to do so, and being given the space and love to explore themselves were important to both. Highlight: Being given the opportunity to discover emotions and learn how to express them was both a challenge and now is a huge highlight point in their journey. This is important to talk about because right now, we are in a world where many of us are learning exactly the process we discuss: Sharing authentically.

The Aftershow

We continued this conversation in my Patreon community during our aftershow (recording available to patreon members. Welcoming new ones. See below for that.) Topics covered include:

What were the hardest masculine energy strands for us to exalt? What were the hardest feminine energy experiences to integrate?

The role of sports, fitness, and physical performance as spiritual practice and energy integration.

Finding emotion and emotional intelligence practices that we can work on to support healthy expression in self and others.

Being raised in US masculine culture to "Take what is yours" and moving away from that.

Raising strong boys: What can we do to support healthy and exalted masculinity in the children around us. We also discussed relationship traps and energy sucking: The importance of being ready for our partners and knowing who we are inside as the compass and focale point.

We wrapped up with best practices for raising boys, by going back to what they would have loved to experience and what we feel is supportive to healthy growth and expression in our young men! (This is some high calibre information expression happening in my patreon community.

Get involved by clicking here. We go live today at 11 am AST for an hour, like we do most every Wednesday. We also gather the final Sunday of each month in the afternoons: ALSO: Mike and I are happy to hold space on a group gathering on Exalting the Masculine on December 27th at 10 am AST (same window as this). If viewers are interested, please email us at . We will not hold the date 'just in case', however we are happy to plan something on it should genuine interest arise. We love this! Ryan, as noted throughout, also does some great nutrition and energy related support. You can find him on FB as Ryan Hill. I am just double checking on his formal business contact at time of post, I will update.

See you next Wednesday at 10 am AST for another great conversation on my youtube page: My Spiritual Life @ IndiCrow Energetics on YouTube. Miss some of our previous episodes? Here is a playlist of them:

More next Wednesday on My Spiritual Life.

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