My Spiritual Life, episode 4: Trusting Through the Shift

Welcome back to another heartfelt community conversation!

This Wednesday, we spoke about something that every one of us has experienced: A moment in our lives where everything is going great and then all of a sudden..BAM! Something happens that seems to bring up our worst fears and/or to get 'in the way' of a goal like a new home or grounding a new project.

This can be confusing.

Especially when we are dedicated to our practice. We are meditating. We are being nice to people. We are living soul based lives. If we are doing everything 'right', how can it get so 'wrong'? AND FAST?

One main theme of this episode is all about how we are able to recognize these what the heck moments for what they are: Part of dimensional transition. Some refer to them as 'dark nights of the soul', we prefer to come at this from the perspective of illumination. These moments that can be confusing serve their purpose. We are confused because what used to work does not, any longer. We feel frustrated or are pushed out of our comfort zone into the margins. We get to zero point, we find rock bottom, we get to the nitty gritty of who we are and we do not always like what we are seeing. As so powerfully discussed by Patty and Dana, it is from these spaces that we are able to grow. Changing businesses. Getting divorced. Dealing with addiction. These are real life things that we and people around us experience. The lesson in our discussion is that we emerge from the shell. Things are different and new. Courage sees us through. Another big focus of conversation was the importance of being able to hold onto the reality streams that we are building as the ones around us dissolve. We are experiencing the BIG ONE, friends. This is that big wave of light and transition that so many of us came here to be part of. It has been a loooooong year for many of us and a long cycle of Venus (or more). Souls are getting tired. We have been through a lot. Remembering that we are here to be, share, experience love. To hold the space of peace in that ridiculousness of the dissolve is something that we are all able to anchor and align to. We have come so far and learned so much. Continuing those lessons and feeling confident in their grounding is a big yes from us. (We discussed this extensively in my patreon community for the My Spiritual Life Aftershow. The replay, along with other great content and the invitation to come live to the aftershow every Wednesday may be acquired here:

Joy and how we find it as part of our trust process through the path was our final point of conversation for the main episode. Each of us spoke a bit on what we do when we are feeling the crazy or as though we might like to give up. The secret? Remembering what we love about ourselves, one another, and this planet. CONNECTING TO and DOING those activities. Actively cultivating that experience we 'wish' for one step at a time. Build that reality stream. Trust it is both real and sustainable. In the aftershow, we returned to the topics of consumption (and how many starseeds numb their pain in this world by consuming), finding light in dreary moments, and dissolving the BIG reality streams that are happening politically and economically all around us. We expanded the conversation into the joy of creativity, how giving space allows energy to align itself, and what we do to enjoy our lives. Living in joy is what we are here to do. We are the ground crew. When we do what we do from that space of love and allow ourselves to move in that direction, we always find home. Resources. Friendship. LOVE. (Acquire access to this and other great resources in this tone through my patreon community:

Big thank you to our co-hosts: Patty, Melissa, and Dana. If our andara conversation caught your attention, head on over to and chat with Dana. If you would like to learn more about Melissa she has launched a fledgling online program (having done this in person and in other venues locally). You may find her at Energetic Beginnings on Instagram ( If you loved what Patty had to say and thought, wow, I would love to receive support from a coach and/or energy practices related to that, you may email her at As for me, my school filled with study now options is at and my LEARNING COMMONS is (new program launching FRIDAY). Right now, my heart is at really being here with our community. Continuing on with private sessions, coaching, and training. Here are some of my main realms of focus at the moment:

Created in peace for you, our community!

See you next Wednesday at 10 am AST for another great conversation!


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