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My Spiritual Life, episode 2: The Dating Game Edition

Welcome back to another episode of 'My Spiritual Life', a weekly community conversation series being hosted by yours truly, Katie IndiCrow. I am lovingly joined this week by community members Laura and Lucas.

Themes of conversation include:

-Twin flames? Real and/or useful? -Dating our Karma (and how to get out of the cycle). -Starseed 'rescue' cycle (in relationship form). -The choice: Do I date a 'spiritual' or 'normal' person?

Most importantly, after chit chatting our way through some of the outdated/old paradigm dating ideas and energies we have experienced, we move into HOPE! Possibility. The knowing that we have the power to adjust our energy fields and the ways we relate to relationships. From this angle, we discussed:

-Re-defining the spiritual dating paradigm: From lack/mirror of crap to spark of inspiration and love. -Identifying what we require to feel nourished and nurtured. -Feeling courage to truly articulate what is important to you and working with that as a guidepoint.

We wrap it up with a little exercise to support keying in that great partnership trajectory into our fields!


Love the conversation and want to hear more? I will be hosting a live call/community discussion in much this format on Saturday night! We will go more in depth about less pg topics like sexual siphoning, working with psychic skills in dating, the weird and sometimes dangerous patterns that we run into in dating and how to get out of them (thanks karma and core wounds), and of course, there will be candid stories. Laura and Lucas will be back, we will have Dana of Elemental Ascension joining us, and for this one ALL people who register will get the chance to pipe up as part of the conversation.

There are 2 ways to participate in the Saturday call:

1) Through this access link: https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com/courses/community-call-love

2) As a member of my new patreon community (which also includes a great drip feed of practices to keep it flowing): https://www.patreon.com/KatieIndiCrow. (This is also a great way to pledge ongoing support to me, as a creator. THANK YOU!

My Spiritual Life, Episode 2: The Dating Game Edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RSvPvyPY5Ik&feature=youtu.be

Here is a link to our gathering for last week which was "When Our Loved Ones Think We Have Lost It: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QxIJTqmKaDU&t=1747s

See you next week on Wednesday at 10 for a special 11/11 community gathering!! We will be chit chatting about our passion for this planet and uniting in a quick little empowerment exercise to boost us up on this gateway alignment.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

Seeking soul coaching sessions/some support on themes like this? I do 1:1 private sessions. Email me at katieindicrow@gmail.com to book in.

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