• Katie IndiCrow

My Spiritual Life: Holiday Freedom Edition

Ever feel energetically targeted at Christmas?

Seeking information beyond the typical narrative on what the significance of this season is?

VIDEO UPDATE: Check out this installment of My Spiritual Life, the community hour with soul. Today is a broadcast filled with unexpected information. We begin by speaking about the old epoch and Saturnalia, how starseeds were targeted on Christmas, and what the Christed (Jesus) energy was really all about.

Do not celebrate Christmas? Neither do a lot of us. That said, tradition or not, THIS IS A GATEWAY SEASON!

Something special about this holiday season is that we are free from many ritual sacrificing and magnification events because travel is banned.

A HUGE part of the rebirthing and freedom we are feeling this season has to do with us being able to find it in our hearts to live with joy. THIS IS AN OPPORTUNITY TO BUILD NEW TRADITIONS!

This broadcast is all about moving beyond the basic holiday conversation. This goes deep and to the heart of what oppressed us to express the true gift we are receiving this season. Live it, according to your choice.

An important and often ignored topic is consumption of drugs and alcohol on holidays. The temptation to hide ourselves from feelings, consume to be able to tolerate others, and/or feel pushed to return to old habits is common. Substances are a way to transform energy. A way to blanket ourselves. A way to fit in. I give some suggestions on how to move in flow without putting it in.

In addition to the major energy freedom experience: Talk about dealing with family members, and ways to keep ourselves at our highest vibe peek!

The video looks like an image...trust it is a video. Enjoy me rocking out for a few moments!


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