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Meditation Quicky x 2: 30 Second Vibe Lifts for You!

Good morning! Another quicky light and water meditation from my sacred practice to you. Breathe deep. Get your feet on the ground and request the water and light being shared spark your field. It will help clear it.

This video was recorded in August in ceremony on a remote Island in Atlantic Canada. Once a site for quarentine from people crossing into the New World who contracted cholera on their journey. Also a prized gathering ground for Mi'kmaq. This locstion is now a global beacon point for freedom. It is also a favourite spot for Katies.

The videos and images I share on this page are all recorded during ceremony. I share them because they are part of our (mine and the elements at play) way of communicating our creativity to you.

You will notice I travel to spaces that have had a lot of unfreedom and sickness. Flipping their polarity, showing them love, and getting them back online is part of what I do. I have the space to teach and advise you if you have been seeking more information on how to enter into the sacred conversation of land care. Email me at katieindicrow@gmail.com if this sounds appealing to you.

Light and water with original sound:

Disco version:

Like this kind of thing? I release energy quickies in my patreon community regularly. We also do music meditations! (We also have a fun monthly learning journey. We are doing dreams this month!!) Welcoming friends to this fulfilled and high vibe community: patreon.com/KatieIndiCrow to read more about it and see if it is for you!


Katie IndiCrow


Living my life in peace and joy. Impenetrable to all else.

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