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Masculine Integration Study/Support Experience

Good morning!

New day. Gateway has done its work and so have we. Now, to get moving with the new projects! Is there any interest out there in me facilitating a male bodies/masculine integration focused supported learning experience?

I am feeling strongly inspired to get together a group with masculine bodies who work with masculine dentififcation to do some supported learning. Enjoy some togetherness. Share some getting real about what it is like to wake up and integrate masculine/feminine (and more) in this now. How to do it, how to understand the feelings, and what it is like for others.

I have had several men/male identfying people connecting to me who are ready to learn, share and grow. The feeling I get is that this would be a really good time to bring together a learning group.

This is not meant to be exclusive or to reiterate gender/sex perceived boundaries. Most of the offerings I do are all female (simply because that is who shows up). I have been working diligently with people who identify/experience as male in 1:1 for a long time. I feel that right now, supporting that type of togetherness and facilitating that form of learning is something I am ready to do. When we speak with people who share our experiences, we are able to learn a lot. Right now, the masculine awakening/integration is happening and I am so here for it in ways that are high vibrational and enriching to us all.

In this group, we would begin with an offering called 'I AM' that you would practice through (we would take 4 weeks on that, meeting 2 times in group), and then if there was interest, I would take the group through Soul Care, which is my brand new offering that is about to become my core teaching tool for 7dplus.

I would love to get this going within the next week or so. If we are up for it, we can do a

4 week pilot. For those who would like to get involved, please email me at katieindicrow@gmail.com. Please note: We are going to do this, we will be getting started within the next two weeks. Speak now if this sounds like something you are interested in! I gauge these adventures by interest!I

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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