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March 2020: Rainbow Time!

Anyone else wake up with more heightened senses? Bet a lot did :). We did a big rewiring and expansion series, last evening, as part of the planetary kundalini/life force expansion. We have successfully opened up the Equinox streams and you know what? It feels good.

It is a great day to practice and play! To meditate, call forth the skills you seek to expand. To write a list about your new life! To experience. To be. To flow. When we have the type of shift and alignment we experienced yesterday, new possibilities open up.It is up to us to work with the energy we are presented to ground and open up those new experiences in our day to day lives. Playing, practicing, and taking the time to work with our soul help us find these little gems.

There is also most definitely a lot of emotional/energetic/physical experience coming along with this moment. That is because we are expanding the spectral activations. I have been sharing about this in our kundalini conversations. This video is my most recent one to give more insight on that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5i9ImnUtxzc&t=12s.

As we go through these next few days, those of us who work with bringing light/shifting energy around various key issues like government, finance, children, freedom will be called forward to do our work with focus and love. We are earmarking projects and working with this increased power to help clear distortion. This creates the energetic playing field for more clear action, accountability, transparency, and also helps the people within these systems who are acting with integrity to get the support they require. REMEMBER. There are a lot of starseeds and earth lovers who went into professions ilke social work, nursing, government, and community service positions to be on the front line of love each and every day. I honour my friends who have made those choices. It is not easy to work in situations/systems that are inefficient. We recognize that you are in part there to spread the light of the solution! To find it/create it ourselves. After all, we are the ones we have been waiting for. This extends into all parts of society. Not just sacred sites and FB. *If you feel inspired, join me in sending a big wave of love to them.*

One of my primary focale points in terms of our history has been the distortion of family relational energy throughout the ages including ancient Egyptian and Olympian civilizations. I have also been working extensively to deal with negotiations around soul ownership and slavery. It is not time for me to speak more about either (but I will address both in our meeting on Sunday).

In this realm, my focus has been almost fully on lighting up institutions. We are preparing for a pretty big wave of disclosure around the true nature of their clogging. Having spent my entire twenties into my thirties studying institutions in preparation for these moments, I have been sincerely enjoying bringing these worlds together. This includes the court system, child protective services, police/policing with a special focus on justice for children who have been systemically failed. It will expand today, as I head outside to do my gatemaster work this morning into the afternoon!

One does not have to have spent ten years on a subject to bring light to it, nor do they have to be any of those 'g'' words (gridworker, gatekeeper, gatemaster). I share pieces of those updates so people know what I am up to! Remember: Lighting up our communities is something we are all suited to do! Those who would like to help bringing the vibes up in their communities (which is something we can ALL do) are invited to check out my little handbook "Connecting In" which you may access here. We are in a time where caring for our communities is super important. The exercises listed herein will help you get a start with that! https://www.indicrowenergetics.com/post/2018/03/03/connecting-in-powering-up-ourselves-and-the-grids

I have created this playlist called, "We Rise", with some music to groove, meditate, expand, play, and create to. It includes some favourites that I have calibrated with. Dancing to this is like astral dancing with me. Click here to listen:https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4ioEswnQ6DH5CcpVTLpt6Z?si=lW_BebFQSsCWMwGyVmbOmQ

Get out there and play, friends! This is what we have been feeling coming. The Equinox gateway is wide open and it is awesome.

The image affixed to this post is of the rainbow spectrum activation on this day last year, here in Halifax, NS! I was pretty excited to record this image. Very cool!

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow IndiCrow Energetics

Want to learn more about lighting up your community and institutions? I have upcoming workshops! Not able to make these ones? Let me know you would like to get on an email list! I have a feeling this idea is going to shift a little bit once those of you who are interested in learning more about this step forward. The collective I created this for is a little shy, right now. I feel you coming, though! A note: Voicing your interest is important for me to know that the people are out there : https://www.facebook.com/katie.indicrow/posts/882343802217570

Those interested in learning more about institutional gridworking/ilighting up are invited to email me directly at katieindicrow@gmail.com. Now. Not in two weeks.

Please note, I also am hosting a gathering on Sunday. Calling forth those who are seeking more information/context on grid preparation for Equinox, as well as more insight into some of the themes being addressed here like the kundalini expansion, working with the expanded systems, and disclosure are going to be key topics. We will be going from 3 - 5 pm AST. To register, contact me at katieindicrow@gmail.com. I am asking 33-44 CAD registration which helps cover my travel and living costs. If you are meant to be there and are not able to make that rate, you know how we do. Nobody aligned to participate is excluded based on money. That would be silly!

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