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Lion's Gate Power Up Exercise: Please Join In!

Greetings, friends!

This is a recording of a grid power up and calibration exercise that I hosted on August 8, 2019 as part of our Lion's Gate activities. The gate, opened July 26 to roughly August 12/14, is a hugely powerful time. Today and the next 4 being having the most transformative potential.

We are going through a dimensional shift right now.

This exercise is one that we can continue practicing with all the way through the gateway and beyond. The land, trees, and water that we connected into and boosted would love to keep receiving support.

I will continue on sharing updates through my blog, www.indicrowenergetics.com as well as my FB account (IndiCrow Energetics), and when there is video through my youtube.

Wishing you all a beautiful Lion's Gate!

To access gridwork 1.2 training, click this link to see price points and the weekly curriculum: I have 2 people who stepped forward this week and am ready to run this as a group offering with calls and all if that is wanted! I accept payment plans if you would like to be part of this now but cannot make the full exchange up front. Let me know right away if you would like to join in! https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com/courses/gridwork-1-2-new

Here is the piece where I share about the soul session: http://www.indicrowenergetics.com/post/soul-unification-and-understanding-session

Those seeking information about gw 2 are welcomed to contact me directly!

*Please feel free to share, this is a community resource*

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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