Lion's Gate, August 8-12 Activities and Access

Oh yeah, today is an amazing day.

Kicking it off with group light anchoring ceremony at 10 ADT (1 hour, 30 minutes from this post). Click here for access at call time, Those joining with love and peace in their hearts are welcomed to participate:

We will be priming the earth (and ourselves) for what is to come later in the day.

From there, I encourage all to head into the astral field for 12 ADT, with 12:08 being a highlighted passage. A huge group of people doing unity meditations will be active with intention at that time. Unison does not mean we all do the same thing. We know this. Joining in with all these awesome people working on that task, we are able to layer our own sacred activities and accomplish a whole lot together at one time.

Then, we keep 'er lit for the next four days. Give it all we can at all times and see what happens is basically the name of the game for this acceleration. Please keep up with the self care.

I am hosting another group gathering on August 12 (details to come after these alignments settle in from what we are able to accomplish today). Stay tuned for more on that.

Please also note that on August 11, I am holding space for a soul unification information and exercise session that I HIGHLY recommend for those seeking support on getting their soul aspects/fragments aligned, cleared and working in unification. Click here for more on that:

FULL speed ahead.

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!

I leave you with the first song that came up today when I turned music on. "I Feel Love" by Donna Summer. Of course.

I do too.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

Those feeling inclined are welcomed to send support for this ongoing public programming to or to I have 2 big tours coming up before Christmas to go setting the grids and am saving up for them now!

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