Lighting Up Our Communities: A 3 Part Digital Learning Series

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Hello, friends!

Building and maintaining the planetary earth grids is a huge part of what I do and share with you! The first part of my major focus in this regard was to share what the grids are, how they work, and to get as much information as I could out there to those who care about how to turn them on, get them ready for the 5d plus transition, and beyond.

We have gotten to the ‘beyond’ part and for that, I am very excited.

As we know from our last epoch of experiences, when the grids get turned off, fractured, or their vibrations lower, things can go bad. Energetic instability can create little hubs of discord that can have damaging energetic/psychological/physical impacts on us and the people who live in our communities. On the other hand, when the grid in a community is turned on and functioning properly, it becomes an energy pump of high vibrational vibration. This has a positive energetic/psychological/physical impact on the people who live and work in these areas.

We, as people who understand how energy and vibration works, can support our communities by helping to build them into healthy, high vibrational energetic spaces. There will most definitely be a discussion about grid structure and gridspaces. What is unique about this program is that it brings attention to the many layers that lighting up our communities entails. This is about much more than ‘gridwork’ and you do not have to term yourself a ‘gridworker’ to be part of this program.

We all have unique skills and capabilities. We are all placed where we are and inspired in the directions we travel as part of expressing our sacred purpose. In this program, I am going to share some of the integrated techniques I have been developing over the past decade or so to how we apply our integrated skillsets in alignment with how the energy system of this planet works!

I believe this knowledge is best delivered face to face, in dynamic communication. I truly enjoy and feel passionate about interacting with this community and so, to share this knowledge, I have created this 3 part workshop series. I am organizing the delivery of this information in this format because it allows me to be able to give direct feedback and guidance on how to support your particular skillset in your unique spaces, the opportunity to connect and share our joy, and the chance for participants to meet and be inspired by one another.

I will more formally date the next pieces as alignment provides. Part 2 will be in April at some point, Part 3 wrapped up by mid-May. For now, we will focus on part 1! I highly recommend that participants who would like to be part of one unit come to the three, however I know that may not be possible or necessary for every single person. Registration for each session is $111-155 usd, pay what you are able. Those registering for the 3 up front may avail of the early bird price of $311 USD for the series. Piece payments also accepted! Please email me directly at to reserve your space. I recommend getting in touch ASAP if you are interested. People have a tendency to leave things until the last minute which is energetically sloppy. The earlier you register, the more I have your energy included in my creation. Thus, the more I develop content with you in mind. If there is significant interest (which I feel there will be), I am open to hosting 2 sessions of this workshop concurrently. I am keeping our groups small (10 or less), making sure that everyone gets that personal conversation/dynamic feedback time. Quality is so important to me.

I personally recommend preparing to participate in all three of the workshops. They are dynamic and the information shared in them will layer upon one another. We can go very deep with your community/selected space over the course of these months. Part of the reason why I am giving the time in between the sessions is that I feel it is important for practice time. Participants will be able to understand/develop their skills and communities more efficiently than if I delivered it all at once or in self-study format.

WHERE: Happening online, through I am also traveling North America, Europe, and Australia with this program in my heart to share. If you would like me to do a special focus on your community while there, please let me know. I would love to do that and having something set up will help me cover travel costs.

Pt 1: Land Features and Community Places: Tuesday, March 17: 10 am to 1 pm with 30 minute break in the middle)

*If you cannot make this date but are interested, let me know! I will happily do this one a second time next week or two weeks from now. I require a group of 4 to come forward to activate that second class!*

Please note that I have a learning difference. Some people may have noted the original post said Tuesday, March 16 and I edited for the 17. My eyes do not see the lines and boxes on calendars well. If you ever notice me making an inconsistency, that is why. The day is always correct. I caught myself last night but since someone wrote in mentioning it today, I figured I would just say this. That is what is going on. Not a big deal. Something to take on board, not only with me but with other people you may notice doing that.

As noted, high vibrational and well maintained grid spaces in our communities have the ability to support healthy energetic flows. This week, we will introduce the concept of lighting up our communities in an energetic sense and really elaborate on what I mean by that.

Communities have energetic personalities. The buildings in them, the way they are laid out, there history, where the trees are, how they relate to other parts of their region are all parts of what it feels like to live in them. People who are technicians of light, vibration, and sound (that is us) have the ability to use our sacred skills as tools to harmonize, understand, and care for our communities by focusing on these characteristics. Ever notice a particular tree that feels really loving and see people sitting at it? Ever feel a space that feels like ‘bad news’ or notice that a city block feels weird? These are indications that you are tuning into the energetic capabilities/characteristics of your community.

This has to do with finding ways to work with our ability to understand, support, and build up our community spaces. This includes more traditional parts of what makes them up, like the grid and major features like mountains and trees. What it also includes are city parks, buildings, city blocks, roads, and playgrounds.

Format: This is going to be interactive and fun. Yes, I will be delivering information and material for you to work with in your own practice. That will be the more formal lecture part. I also feel it is important that we play and apply the theory/practices/techniques and to receive specific feedback on our skills. The way we will do this is doing a ‘case study’ community as a practice session where we will go through a place that I have worked/that stepped forward for us to analyze. This will allow us to dynamically engage with and apply the skills.

We will also have lots of time for questions/conversations about your specific community/places you are focusing to work.

Pt 2: Institutions (government, hospitals, care-homes, session spaces)

This session will build on the techniques practiced and learned in (and since) pt. 1. This is going to have to do with how we specifically light up spaces in our communities where important acts like birth, death, healing, and decisions that affect our community occur. This includes classrooms, hospitals, care homes, courtrooms. Many of the places that we are finding ‘leaks’ and inefficiencies in our societies right now are where there are disconnections between branches, a lot of distortion surrounding lawmaking, and or/we have forgotten about the role that energy plays in supporting the healthy function of these places. It is all about proactive energy application and finding ways to support clear, high vibrational, truth based choice making and transition processes.

Format: Like pt. 1 We will be doing lecture style information sharing to share the energetic underpinnings of the practices. We will then delve deep with case study and practicing applying our tools/learning how to read and understand what we are able to do to contribute to high vibrational resolution/process. We will most likely be focusing on hospitals as our case study. I am flexible on that!

Pt. 3: Special Causes/Special Focus

This will be a very special workshop that focuses on the special causes that we are being called to work with to help shift in this dimension. An example that I share about frequently is securing safe and loving conditions for children. Others focus on government, hospital, social justice movements. This is going to be a unique and in-depth conversation/workshop session about how energy techniques can be applied to supporting more ‘abstract’ or bureaucratic parts of our world that are in great deal of requiring shift.

The information shared in the first two workshops will serve as key bedrock for being able to participate in this one.

Format: This is going to follow the same format as pt. 1 and 2. We will be doing lecture style information sharing to share the energetic underpinnings of the practices. We will then delve deep with case study and practicing applying our tools/learning how to read and understand what we are able to do to contribute to high vibrational resolution/process. The case study for this one will be children and children focused services.

As noted above, please contact me directly at to register.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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