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Learning Update: New Training Coming Up for Astral work and Gatekeeping programs!

Hey, friends!

A few of my programs are about to get going and I am happily accepting registration, now!

Gatekeeper training begins on AUGUST 29: I was referring to it as gridworker 2 earlier on in my conversations about it. We know I go with the flow, and the flow that has come up is that it is time for me to start formally sharing my gatekeeping knowledge with those who are ready. This is a two month course with 3 meetings and a piece of training to work on each week. It is grid focused (because this is the style I create and work with) and will include things that we do including astral work, ideological filtering (clearing and coding knowledge into our system), how to do advanced timeline transitions and crystalline pathway to 7d creation (our team is on 7d plus creation). Dragons, andaras, trees, rivers, mountains, and a project to focus on to work through this with will all be part of it.

*This is most appropriate for people who have completed gridwork training. I will consider participants who have not done this with me on an individual basis. Other pieces of practice that would be useful: Astral readiness, understanding of the ascension process, understanding of processes like timeline adjustments and bifurcation, ability to speak with your own soul as primary guiding source of information is essential. If you do not have all of these but you feel lit up reading this, reach out.* To show interest, please contact me at katieindicrow@gmail.com. Exchange for this runs from $444-600 CAD.

Astral Training: SEPTEMBER 6: I am also opening up a round of astral work training. This offering is one where you learn more about how to do astral work with conscious intent, to remember it, to participate in astral work knowingly while awake, etheric meetups and how to cooperate with other creators in the astrals, knowledge of how to switch between dimensional awareness, and skills like traveling to specific locations, constructing secure travel paths are among the topics shared.

*This offering runs 7 weeks (possibly extended to 8) and includes 2 group calls with me where we practice the skills together. I take you on a journey and we practice!!! Exchange:$390-$500 pay what you can. Please contact me directly to reserve your spot!

I will have some public events and wayshower sessions coming up, as well. These will be announced in a later post.

I also send a loving reminder that I am home to support our community getting ready for Equinox. I am happy doing gridwork consultations on a region or task, the 1:1 andara activation and training sessions, skills refining, and also doing a lot of energy body alignments for new tech, field purification, and soul alignments. Many soul pieces are coming back right now and I am pleased to support that. Click here to book: https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com/courses/1-1-private-session

On the point of soul unification, I want to remind all that I created this session on how to clear, align, and unify your soul. This is great information for those of you wanting to step into the next path of your empowered embodiment. I placed it at budget price to be accessible to all. This is one of the best sessions I ever did and has received rave reviews from participants. The skills shared in here are the very ones I use myself. Click here to access now: https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com/courses/soul-unification-understanding-alignment-learning-session

A reminder that I happily accept payment plans and grant partial scholarships. Please reach out if you would like to request one!

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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