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Journey Through Shadow, Integrating Astrological Ages, and Meteors

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Greetings, friends!

This update was recorded as part of a thank you activity that I shared with our community. In it, I share extensively about my astral travels, work in the otherworld/underworld, and how that connects to our next steps of unification and co-creation. If you have been wanting to know more about what a gatemaster does, or what I am doing when saying I am 'not on earth', or what I mean when I say that we are in negotiation, this is an excellent video to pay attention to!

*Yes, I will time stamp by themes*

To begin, we address the importance of coming together and the reason why I host all of these group calls, offerings, and co-creative spaces. This includes Love Wave and all the group projects I have worked at creating. Many people are removing the veils on their own fear of connection and co-creation as we release the pain of past times where that was dangerous and/or unfavourable from our past. Learning the skills of discernment and self communication will help you move into a discourse with yourself regarding how you feel the way you do and why. Is it fear? Is it lack of alignment? That is up to you to figure out.

At the 15 minute mark, I move into a more focused discussion of what we have been working through since Equinox (but also, before). To begin, I bring forth the concept of 'darkness' and 'shadow'. In the instance of my creation work, I have been aligned to work very specifically with the energy of atrocity including murder, rape, soul slavery, manipulation, demonic influence, and how that has played out on this planet but also throughout our universe. Integrating the lessons from these phases, facilitating communication, bringing understanding to some very chaotic scenarios has required great focus.

The conversation shifts to the notion of integrating the astrological ages at the 25 minute mark. Referring to the May/June timeline shift as a key point for acceleration, I share about how we were given the clearance to integrate the remainder of the energies in this phase (as opposed to waiting two subsequent phases to compete the task). We are currently working on that and I explain this in depth.

The concept of community support and supporting the caretakers of the earth comes up around 34 minutes in. I thank those of you who hold space for me, send positive support in all formats, and who respect and appreciate the sacred work that I am sharing for this planet. Please head there and hear what I have to share. It is a highlight of the video. Thank you to those who see what I am doing here and help create the conditions for me to eat, have a roof over my head, and get where I am meant to be going as part of my sacred work.

From here, I share about the code rewriting process that is ongoing. There was a lot to do with survival, financial conditions, and recognition that was part of the Orion experiment. As we have been whittling out that influence this week. I refer to the work of Yukia Azora Sananda as relevant and related to this topic.

In conclusion, I share about a big meteor passing that is coming up on October 25. It is bringing with it much of the cosmic mail that we have been calling toward us. Prepare, friends. These moments are pregnant.

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In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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Click here for more information on the integration of the 13th tribe: http://www.indicrowenergetics.com/post/journey-through-our-shadow-yes-we-have-to-go-there

I also reference IndiCrow Academy which is https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com

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