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Journey Through Our Shadow (Yes, We Have to Go There)

There is so much happening, energetically, that sometimes it is hard to sit down and choose which parts to bring forward.

A huge theme that has come to the forefront since Equinox is a journey into and through our shadow. As we move on in our ascension journey, themes like 'dark' and 'light' give way to the more complexified understanding of threads of creation and existence. Of how to bring truth into incredibly unbalanced situations. Of looking within ourselves and our societies, our tribes and on our pathways, to view the full spectrum of our experience with honesty.

The clear message that has been ringing into my heart as we have moved into this phase (personally, planetarily, galactically) is that we are ready to understand. To change. To grow.

In order to to that, we are getting real and going deep. This is a phase of necessary reflection of what gets termed 'shadow'. I am working to build a new vocabulary about these frequencies and themes of experience, and what role they did and do play as we journey through unification. To me it is another part of creation. As we have operationalized the labels of 'shadow' or 'dark', we have also been perpetuating certain forms of visibility and invisibility as well as reiterating the dualistic nature of the last part of our experience. That realm called 3d.

As we stepped into our Equinox to Solstice window, the opportunity to integrate some of these strands as well as to create understanding between the tribes and to begin creating our 13th came up. We accepted. This is significant because we are now very much moving into creating and working as a unified tribe. We are creating an entire new epoch of experience. Though 13 often receives a bum rap, it is a sacred number. As we process through the ages, 13 (Ophiuchus) becomes ever more a part of us. This is exciting because the 13 tribe is the one that represents an appreciation of, blending, and balancing of the energies of our realm of this universe. This pocket will continue to intensify likely from November 30 through mid-December. We are scheduled to have sparked another acceleration for Solstice.

Some of us may be noticing ourselves and the people around us working through parts and pockets of the vibrational experience of reviewing/encountering the 'shadow' parts of themselves and the world around them. Frequent public arguments about poignant topics are occurring all around. I have found it fascinating to observe the way that people are moving through energy and just which depths of behaviours are being brought up. The consistent threatening of children and bullying teenagers I have seen on social media has been really gasp worthy. This is part of group processing related to another layer of unveiling that is occurring. It is also us beginning the purification process of deep violence that lingers within many of us and our relations. I am grateful they are being stirred to be shifted.

My own personal work has been very much to do with finding understanding and peace in some long entrenched threads of the universal experience. There is a lot to think about in terms of what dynamics we create when we call something 'good' or 'bad' and when we allow ourselves to believe in the inherent 'good' or 'evil'/ 'light' or 'dark' nature of beings, orders, and moments in our trajectories. The veil is being lifted in many circumstances. I have been doing a lot of traveling, reading, listening, observing, and acting. It has been all encompassing and I am grateful to those who reached out and offered me support when I asked for it this week. I continue on in full dedication with special thanks to you. This type of thing is multidimensional. Challenging. And requires a lot of heart, patience, and self work to be able to do it. I am grateful you give me the space to work on this for us. (Teary eyes as I type that bit.)

On that note, friends. I know that things are feeling pretty grim for some. That others are doing great but they are noticing this is what is going on. To all, I encourage you to take a break from the heavy stuff and to allow yourself to remember just how amazing this planet really is. Take a walk and sit with the trees. Dance with friends. Give yourself the space to have the experiences you have aligned for and be brave enough to receive them when they arrive. There is a beautifully pure series of trajectories grounding in that we have been creating. Connect to them and remember. When you get to a certain level of practice, it is possible to live that higher vibrational reality whilst holding space for the dissolution of the others. Keep working with it! And remember. When things get too serious, take some time for fun. It really helps.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

Check out my website www.indicrowenergetics.com for 500+ articles including many practices that you can work with in this now! I have spent many years creating practices that were accessible and offer them with love to you.

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