Journey through 2021: Training and Community Focus

Hello, Community Fam!

As we accelerate into the new paradigm (birthed through this whole year of 2020 and now moving into slingshot speed from now through January), it feels important to take a moment and discuss the flow state we are creating in this community.


A) BIG focus on community engagement. Regular gatherings (no pressure), available learning materials (again, no pressure) and lots of opportunities to bring energy flow and fun into this intense pocket and beyond. BUDGET FRIENDLY with all options being $40 or less.

B) An orientation toward personal transition support and skills development training that is person to person with an expansion into more focused life and soul coaching. This includes more personalized growth packages and 1:1 focus. We will bring back group classes in late January, 2021. The regular community gatherings and focused intent activities will serve as our togetherness for now.

C) Ongoing access to high quality self study options. As always, these are budget friendly and offered in this format so that you may get to them at your own pace. Also great for those of us who feel a little shy about stepping into class space with other people. You can browse and/or book a consultation and we will set you up with the learning that is right for you.

You may have noticed several posts from me about offerings and services, recently. Being ready to support us and showing up as me has required a little bit of reorienting. This is my second of two big summary posts brining it all together. (Click here for the first:

Conversation, Connection, and Ongoing Opportunities to Learn (no Expectation)

Patreon Lifestyle Community:

This is a space all about everyday energy. It is informal, fun, and NO PRESSURE.

Loving the tone of 'My Spiritual Life'? The calls, conversation and content will be geared in that direction. This is a relaxed space where laughter is encouraged, the practices are quick, and the intent is to enjoy life (with energy). SPECIAL NOVEMBER-DECEMBER FOCUS WILL BE TO REMAIN IN OUR HIGHEST VIBE AS WE GO THROUGH THIS MAJOR GLOBAL SHIFT!!!

*60 second alignments * soul care focused growth *no pressure gatherings *energy tools for everyone


I love this platform because it is by creators and for creators with the concept that we set up a monthly subscription. People who enjoy our work are able to say 'thanks' through that subscription. The concept is: Give a little, support your girl AND get high quality information and tools. The exchange of sharing keeps us all in that healthy resource flow of giving, receiving and in supporting as opposed to needing.


Tiers of support begin at $5 bucks a month and go up to $30!

YOU GET: 60 second energy alignments recorded during sacred moments of connection. (Great to spark ongoing purification, clearing, and harmonics adjustments in our systems)

* Meditation quickies (perfect for grounding on a lunch break or in between clients)

**Self care inspiration (little reminders of how we are able to take care of us and stay true to who we are)

***Moments of shared hilarity including the memes, jokes, and reflections that are not PG enough to share on other media platforms.

******Access to spontaneous community gatherings (with a MONTHLY alignment and roundup the final Sunday of every month at 5 pm AST)

*****access to My Spiritual Life AFTER SHOW community conversation and flow on Wednesday from 11 am AST- 12 pm AST

Click Here to check out my page and sign up!!

IndiCrow Learning Community:

Focus in the commons: Youth and family! Practical and ongoing conversations about what it is to raise families and manage our energies

Being people who like coming together sharing life and inspiration. A lot of us are people who are working with focus on caretaking for the planet...personal, energy oriented, very much about drawing connections and understandings. This is where my 'energy updates' and ongoing commentary occurs. (The new moon gatheri

What to Expect

Ongoing skills that are useful to us (month 1: working with ways to support the planet

Month 2: ways to align with the moon

Month 3: Family intention setting/setting intentions with/for relationships/self/children etc.

Month 4: December special grounding focus ->energy and alignment to support ourselves and the planet with lead up to solstice (and beyond)

Month 5: Grounding our New Realities

Registrants get access to the growing library from previous months!

Every month: Access to New Moon Gathering and focused intent support

Ongoing community conversation gatherings (scheduled monthly, with 2 family focused, an open call, and a learning call as part of it)

People are welcomed to pop in for a month if they like the focus.

To access, email me directly at Membership is $40 cad per month. I do registration by hand to ensure this stays a nice, safe community space AND I love knowing who is coming in. Getting the opportunity to say hello and feel your vibe helps me be more inclusive and welcoming to you!



WHERE: Online, through zoom.

WHEN: November 27, 2020 from 10 am - 1 pm AST.

This gathering will have 2 main focale points:

1) Alignment to close and purify any energy siphons placed upon our creative cycle through bleeding and forms of creation that come from it This includes:

(Participants will have the opportunity to participate in a recorded alignment session to get this part started upon registration.)

2) Embracing our flow cycle as a space of creation and moving into harmony with it as a valuable part of our creation. This includes:

Welcoming participants to register for this intimate workshop experience, now. Click here to do so:


Self Study/Study Now

I have a number of 'study now' workshops and training available at my school, IndiCrow Academy. Budget friendly highlights for this season are:

The Basics:

Experiencing Energy Autonomy:


Caretaking for Caretakers (A GREAT little workshop all about identifying what your soul requires to keep it moving during these next eight weeks. Design a self care plan, learn some 'right now' energy techniques to put into place at work, during client care, and in other situations a 30 second quicky could really help us get back to the heart):

Grounded Training for Those Interested Learning How to Care for the Planet/Universe and to Ground and Expand their Sacred Skillset:

Developing/Honing our Sacred Skillset

Includes individualized learning plans.

Introductory Level: Sacred Tasks: Entry level (includes The Basics which is a brand new self study skills package aimed at getting us grounded in responsible creatorship

$222-444 CAD: 2 month package of learning. We work with your budget. Includes 30 minute assessment/getting started session where we check on being a great fit and detail a training program; VIDEO CHECK INS!!! Access to personalized training materials complied to support your unique soul path; Access to the learning commons; Access to feedback on skills development and ongoing community dialogue.

Please email me at to begin!

Expanding and Advancing: People who have been Practicing/Training with me (or themselves): These are designed on an individual basis. In general, we will focus for 6 - 8 weeks. We are able to expand that on a phase to phase basis. Participants will select a sacred skill set to expand, we will discuss their skill set, budget, and the range of training/materials that works for them, their timeframes, and what I have to offer. These include vidoe check ins, personal material development, and are unique to you which is why there is not a huge summary, here.

$444-$1000 cad. Returning students with whom I have rapport/close relationship, this is more likely to be the $444 portion. For those with whom I am just getting acquainted, we begin with a 1:1 session, see if we are a good fit, and go from there.

Please email me at to begin!!

Session, Support, and Accelerated Focus

Working 1:1 is also a GREAT joy and such a huge focus that it gets its own post. Click here for information on: alignments, soul retrieval, family focus, and soul coaching session information. I LOVE session work and happily welcome those of you who are ready to get connected to email me at to book in.

Welcoming our community flow as we get together and continue to grow.

Created in peace and shared in love,

Katie IndiCrow

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