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January 1: More Veil Shifting and Soul Sparking!

Well, here we are.

A new flux pattern about to begin. This is a very important time to be consciously aware that we are doing veil release now and into the next 48 hours.

You may feel waves of emotion. I can feel a huge piece of the rage part about to ripple through. The strategy is that bands of various forms of emotion will be explored and transfigured in our collectives, today. It may be a bit of a rollercoaster. Themes of forgiveness, acceptance, release, and understanding will come through as we pass these distorted emotions that cloud perception. THIS IS A GOOD THING. There may be moments when it feels hard. There will also be moments of great clarity that come with it. Breathe into it. You can do this. Ask for help if you need it. There is absolutely no shame in that. In fact, for a good few that is the lesson.

You may feel panic, anxiety, despair, and a host of other of the yucky bits as the veil is released. It is regrettable that we have these feelings to be eavestroughed but it is what it is. (See my blog www.indicrowenergetics.com for support meditations/materials on that.) Dealing with it proactively by doing yoga, taking personal time, not forcing situations, recogniing the pattern is the veli being released as opposed to something being repeated are all great courses of action to take. Water. Less alcohol. Perhaps resisting the urge to imbibe a lot of substances and allow yourself to feel this one is

going to be important.

On a more exciting note, I feel that a pretty significant portion of the next group to be sparked will be having their kundalini activated. That feels like a huge pole of energy zapping through your body. It has to do with the energy system being sparked to activate to its higher vibrational capacity. YAY!

Planetary Caretaking

As for the people who come to this work to do planetary caretaking/support: It is time to flow into your sacred conversation and ask what are the highest vibrationally aligned tasks you can take in this now along with the crystalline ascension pathway of the planet. Powering up sites, doing connections with other co-creators, calling in your tasks are all things you can do right now that are required. This is not a sit around time for us. this is about action.

There will be a lot of emotional shifting coming through. People who are empathic and/or are tuned into their collectives: When you feel, it is an invitation to support. Asking yourself "Mine or the collective' and doing self introspection through soul conversation with your unified soul is your key tool to figuring out where you are being called. Sending love to your collectives, allowing that emotion you feel to be a doorway into a more broad understanding through specific means of what is going on in the collective fields. *If you have taken my gridwork, embodiment, I AM, soul unification, karma clearing, coding, empath enjoyment courses etc, you have learned how to do this. I have also gently been showing people these skills during our group meditation gatherings. The same process I lead you through for you to know which colours to send etc is one you can work with as inspiration now and always.*

I am in the process of heading to the ocean to welcome a big storm we are about to get. Dancing with the elements is a huge part of how I do my work. The ocean and the crystals I have built are ready. I am home in my Halifax grid ready to do what I do :). Gatekeepers, take note. Welcoming weather systems is a beautiful and worthwhile activity. You may notice that systems pop up just as we move through these bands. That is not a coincidence, Work with as opposed to resist it.

New Year Meditation and Support Materials

I am recording a new year practice later on today. I would like to get outside and in practice for a few hours so that I may have an intimate conversation with our collectives and align with what is the most effective way to structure it. I am working it as a fundraiser for my upcoming gridworking trips. You may access it here: https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com/courses/2020-gateway-practices-to-welcome-a-new-decade-and-epoch

I also have access to a 50% off gateway offer that ends at the strike of midnight!

I made a pretty detailed video yesterday summarizing where we are at in energy, as well.

Find more about all of that here (I have to run right now, the earth is yelling it is time. Sorry to cut this off so quickly.) http://www.indicrowenergetics.com/post/gateway-update-blueprint-purification-turning-on-usa-grid-points-and-2020-transitions

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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