The wave of energy supporting our solar flash expansion has begun its connection to many of us here who are embodiers which is many. More and more will feel this as the wave sweeps in.

This article just popped into my newsfeed signalling it is now being measured by earth now science and reported in Mainstream media: We have huge geomagnetic 'storms' being called out as a result of a mass projection of energy from the sun. These 'storms' are being projected to create huge displays of Northern Lights. My own prediction? This is only the beginning. THIS IS THE BIG INFLUX AND MANY OF US ARE ALREADY FEELING, CREATING WITH, and ANCHORING IT!!

Click here for the CNN article that inspired the postL:

Quoting myself from another social media source in summary:

"Here we go! CNN is about as MS as MS gets. If even they are saying it. What we know and feel and are already experiencing IS ON. The whole process of expansion I have been sharing about has begun. The most recent video of it is here:

I also created a playlist that describes the momentum we have been building over the year to get to this point!:

I will be here, continuing on doing our thang. Focusing in ceremony, growth, and in support of our universal expansion and community. I will be pumping a lot of content through my patreon. Click here to link in: I will also be here. We do not turn away in the big moments. We stand firm in the flow. We are so ready! Self care, self care, self care. Set intentions!! GROW!

I will be doing ongoing energy exercises and providing updates through my patreon community. There will be some here, too! I like it there because it is interactive and intimate. Click here to learn more about becoming a Patreon Community Friend:


Katie IndiCrow

Living my life in peace and love. Impenetrable to all else.

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