Hey, friends!

I am popping in to give an update about the wonderful processes that are occurring in this now.

The purification of the earth and the human energy collective, as well as the crystallization of so many forms including bodies, water, trees, mountains, and parts of the atmosphere has created space for an amazing acceleration.

As noted in a post last week, many of us have stepped through the Lion's Gate having gone through upgrading and initiations. We have made many choices about our pathways or timelines, with large groups stepping into new roles and collectives of co-creation. *If you have been feeling a shift or a call to do something new, this could be you!* Dissolution went amazingly well and is continuing on in other parts of the human timeline spectrum.

Codes like freedom, peace, unity have been firmly implanted and activated here on earth. This has spread like a love wave throughout our cosmic neighbourhood through our DNA codes, interplanetary and galactic travel/tasks, and the signals we as a planet are now broadcasting. So many beings have come forward with love in their hearts. It is both a joy and honour to be here on earth at this time.

As of now, I have received the confirmation that we were able to successfully migrate a group of wayshowers/blueprinters into the 7th dimensional framework and they are settling in nicely. Many have gone onto the 5th for their first time, while others are making their transition into the 6th, , 12th and beyond! Have you been having dreams about transport, hallways, being led places or conversely, leading people through any of those types of scenarios? If so, I invite you to consider dimensional transition. We are adjusting timelines and many have stepped onto the creation pathways. The amount at 7th anchoring in as I write this is way more than I think we anticipated. GREAT WORK, friends. I myself have stepped forward to begin the task of anchoring the 12th dimensional grid and have begun my new alignments to prepare for and carry out that piece. I am excited to see who I will be co-creating with. More about that, another time! Let us just say finding a way to write this in these moments is intense, yet this update feels important.

As it stands, our beautiful planet is preparing to make a big vibrational leap as part of its/her/their/our ascension. What we experience as beings, the planet also goes through itself. That process of clearing and aligning and purifying that we go through as we move through our own personal upgrades is an important teacher in this regard. We make an intention to create a vibrational shift, then our bodies and souls takes us through the journey of understanding that is necessary for us to be able to receive the upgrades, activation the dna codes and information, or process the tasks that come along with that. The earth also goes through a purification process as the vibration of it/their/her/our bodies prepare to adjust our function as an energy system. We are able to support that process by taking conscious care of our own shift, learning various forms of earth caring like gridworking (the book “Connecting In” that I posted yesterday is a perfect little inspirational piece that you you can work with as inspiration on how to support our earth and one another at this time. Please click this link for more on that:

We are integrating and coding many pieces into the system over these next 24 hours or so. It is a wonderful time to call forth sacred tasks, to align to your highest vibrational potential, to drink a lot of water, to take care of yourself, and if you are on the creation squad, to connect diligently.

Damien reminds us that the animal collective is here and with us and ready to work diligently to support the balancing and code release process on this planet. There are many who have been recently paired up with those of you who will read this update. They are ready to begin a more elaborate form of connection and work. He adds that many animals have also crossed the bridge in dimensions. They are here to work in harmony with us. All you have to do is ask. If you would like suggestions on how to do that, check out my youtube page IndiCrow Energetics. We have 2 videos with tools you may use to do this.

I must now head off to give my full attention to the merge and shift that is happening right now. I apologize if the wording in this sounds weird in bits. I am writing from many places and it can be hard to do the editing thing when like this!

For those who may be feeling like you are being smushed: That can be what dimensional transition can feel like. I will write a separate update about that. Feel free to also check out my youtube page: and my blog, There are several years of tools, meditations, and instructional videos that you are able to work with as resources to empowered transition.

This is really exciting and fun. I feel like a little kid with so much love and joy bursting from every bit of my energetic presence.

*Feel free to share, this is a community resource*

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

*A loving reminder that Astrals training begins September 8. Gatekeeper training on Thursday. I am also working 1:1 in session and LOVING it.*

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