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Inner Child Check-In

A big part of heart expansion and growth is giving ourselves the space to feel peace, love, and comfort.

As our community purifies ourselves from the experiences we had in our interactions with the old archon grid, I feel so many of us once again connecting to our inner child. The source of light and love that is meant to power and inspire us. We are feeling. We are healing. We are being real.

We did not always get happy days growing up. Maybe not even in adulthood. Part of our blueprint through healing is taking the space and time to create the experiences our hearts have always called for and knew were true.

Our inner children (and current children) thrive in feelings of support and warmth. Love. Being asked how they feel and what they require to experience a comfortable state of wellbeing helps build this. I invite anyone feeling inspired by these words to take a few moments in meditation.

Speak with your inner child. Have them identify their needs and help provide that. Nurture them. Just exactly as you like to be nurtured. Provide yourself with exactly what it is that your inner child calls for in their highest vibrational intentional form. Is it a hug? Envision you now going to however you envision them. Hug yourself. Want to watch a film that was special to you? Do it. Have the inkling to walk around your house (or outside) in a costume? Go for it. Read the novel. Sing the song. Nap. Cry. Dance. Though it may seem silly, taking a few moments to ask your inner child (and current children) what they (we) require to feel loved, supported, and inspired is a simple way we are able to stay aligned with this component of our spectrum. Look within and around at how many of us were pretty damaged for living existences where these conditions and questions were not as apparent. A good few. Taking the moments and actively cultivating them is a really lovely, grounded way we make change in this now. Feeling and having these happy, cozy and healing experiences is such am important part of life on planet earth.

My inner child has always loved getting cozy with fuzzy blankets and snacks and movies from my past. As we prepare for a our next phases and another full launchpad into a new week, it is important to do more self love and care.

What are you doing to care for your inner child, today! What do they like to do when you connect? Also, of course, this applies to children in our lives. This is a great activity to engage in with them as well.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

Photo by Jude Beck on Unsplash

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