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: Friends, this is a post that is a long time coming.

I am sharing this information with love and a full heart. Its purpose is to encourage people to exercise discernment and to believe in their ability to bring in great energy and information.

As the years go by, many of us hear energetic beings speaking to us and/or we come across them in our work. It is very important to remember that just because we hear an energy, does not mean it has our best interest or that of the planet in its intention.

There are many imposters that worked through holograms and false identification, taking the form of beings people once trusted like angels, Archangels, and in particular the Egyptian gods.


Because the earth and all of us who lived on it were part of a game (in some scenarios) and a power struggle (in others).

Beings of great power knew that other beings would come to earth and help support humans as we moved through ascension. Some decided that appearing as and acting like these beings would be a wonderful way to influence the game without anyone knowing they were even sneaking in to play.


Mainly through astral communication, speaking in your ear through the clairs, by influencing instruments like pendulums and cards, and channeling and otherwise gaining our trust.


That is different depending on who you are connecting with. I have found that often times, it is related to the archon grid and lower densities working on keeping humans disempowered. Those of us with high vibration who listen to those voices and taking action on what they say are basically being used as tools to perform lower vibrational tasks in an environment that without you, they could not touch.


People often hear them by having implants still active, or listening to them as they come through the veil through, by astral tears opening in the region creating bleed through, by not clearing out your astral paths, and/or through some old timeline connections that you are still working to get out of. This happens A LOT with gridworking. Beings on land that is still being influenced by interests not in alignment with our crystalline ascension pathway WILL and often DO work to influence other lightworkers to doing their work for them. I have seen this happen more times than I would like to recount. In fact, there are certain people in our community who are quite famous who are more in alignment with these influences that I am speaking about than perhaps they even know.

The second most frequent time I observe this is with people who do not believe in themselves enough to trust their own vision. It can be flattering when a god, et, or archangel shows up to you. Especially when you lack confidence to realize that most of us have all these parts in us, too. I see them guiding people, and people forming dependencies on this relationship at the expense of developing their own with themselves and their work.

The third most frequent time I have observed this is through channeled messages. Even when a being is aligned and high vibrational, if they do not know the politics and dynamics behind who is speaking to them and why, it can be a disaster. Holograms, outdated timelines, false imaging. It all occurs at some vibrations.


The fist thing is, we take responsibility for our own actions and choices. We take the steps to get our energy fields clear, bring home our fragments, and align our aspects.

We learn to communicate with our souls and to unify them, working with our unified soul as our main voice of guidance. We can still speak to whoever we choose with that. The main difference is that we recognize ourselves as the main voice and work through our own purified connections. We still consult. But it is at a much more autonomous level and with an awareness not all beings we hear have the same intentions as us, or even each other.

We take time each day, and before each task, to align to our crystalline ascension pathway (7d plus) or our primary crystalline ascension pathway (4 into 7d).

We intend to align all of our actions and our acts of light to this crystalline pathway and/or timeline and stay within that vibration as we move forward.

We learn energy autonomy within our fields. This includes setting our boundaries and what path we are on.

When we channel (which I no longer do as a personal choice), we make sure that we are speaking with beings who we know (because we have asked them questions and heard answers that pass our truth indicators) and we make sure that all alignments are properly set to ensure we only receive the highest vibration of knowledge in alignment with our pathways.


For many of us, communication with other energies is a huge part of what we do. It is not always something to shy away from. Moreso, a task to prepare and practice on. When refined, the ability to communicate and discern in this format is invaluable.

If there is interest, I would be happy to run a workshop specifically on this. Please reach out and let me know! Even commenting on this post is a great way to help me gauge. We can get that going this month of people would like that form of learning engagement.

In the meantime, if you would like to learn more about how to get yourself into that autonomous energy pattern of communication, I have a lot of materials available. My most recent is the soul unification and alignment recorded session. In it, I share about how to unify and align your soul, and most importantly how to work from that space. You can access that here: https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com/courses/soul-unification-understanding-alignment-learning-session

You may also like to work with this practice on calling in purified communication: http://www.indicrowenergetics.com/post/practice-calling-in-purified-communication-and-releasing-impacts-of-distortion

This recent piece explains more about how the messages have been distorted in the past and what we can do to clear them: http://www.indicrowenergetics.com/post/bringing-clarity-expression-on-messages-and-the-vibration-of-planetary-energetic-communication

I also released this alignment video that you may like to practice with for getting into your timelines: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vuene-k5nBs&t=1s

*Please feel free to share, this is a community resource.*

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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