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IndiCrow Adventure Gathering: Halifax, NS July 6-10

Hey, friends!

I am welcoming a creative, heart based group of friends and co-creators to join me in beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia for an interactive learning and adventure experience this July. That is right ! I am ready to host people here in the restorative, regenerative, inspiring energy of Nova Scotia and to take you on personal tours of the sacred spaces that I have been helping create here in Atlantic Canada. This is the first time I have invited people here for something like this (in a group) and I am VERY EXCITED to share this with you. We will be refining skills, learning about grids, and I will lead specific exercises for alignment each day.

As noted in previous posts, I am using a transparent and collaborative planning model. This means that I will be checking in with the group on things like food requirements, preferences, and giving you all a lot of space to make choices for your own comfort and flow. *I have created an online discussion space for us to work this out! I will grant access to those of you who choose to register. We will get our group synergy forming in there which will make for super nice and easy transitions when we get together in person.*

REGISTRATION: I am still working out the budget. I aim to keep our costs to around $400 CAD. I will not make choices that exceed that. WHAT YOU GET: This registration exchange will support three days of guided activities led by me as well as the prep and planning work that is put into operationalizing the event. It will also include one catered meal and snacks each day. Locally sourced and organic food (when possible). A chef. Cleaning expenses. It will also cover costs for drivers (we will have about 3 cars of people and we will be traveling each day), and some support for me to hire a person for admin to keep things smooth leading into and as we are doing the meetings. This will also cover hiring the boats we will require to get back and forth from 2 islands we are visiting. We will have a 'town' day, and then out of town adventure days.

To keep it accessible: We will be doing packed lunches with snacks for the times we are on adventure. Two of these adventures are going to bring us out of town and into remote areas. IF we want to eat, we pack it in! These lunches will include fruit, wheat free options, vegetables, boiled eggs, beetroot, sandwiches, and other nutrient dense food that tastes great and keeps well 'cold'. We will be doing one lunch and one supper out at local establishments as a group (if you feel like joining). We will also have one catered supper. Then you all have a 'free supper' to do what you like!

Dates: We will have planned activities July 7 to 9. I will be available and space holding for our group from July 6 to 10. *Please note that the following week is the 2020 Indigenous Games being hosted right here. It will be worth sticking around for!!! *

Accomodation: I feel that people do their best and feel most comfortable when having the freedom to book in where they like. Some have indicated they want to camp, others are local, and others still have mentioned wanting to share houses. Some will likely want to stay alone. We all process differently, and it is important that we are given the space to integrate and rest that we require.

AS A RESULT, I am not going to mircomanage the housing process, nor include that in our pricing for the gathering. A house with four rooms easily goes for about $150 CAD- $200 a night. Booking soon and getting on it will ensure you get a great spot for a good price. We are a prime tourist destination. I have been checking in recently and it looks great for options of all sorts. I WILL HAPPILY ADVISE IDEAL LOCATIONS for those to stay that are close to my house and the grid sites in town. THIS WILL BE ANOTHER POST. PLEASE CHECK WITH ME BEFORE RENTING!

Special Considerations: This is going to be an active retreat. We will be on boats, in cars, at lakes, visiting the ocean, and playing outside. We will move at a speed that is comfortable for the group. HOWEVER, please note that we will be moving for at least 3-4 hours each day. Proper footwear, a raincoat, and a personal hiking pack will be important. We will also likely be free range for bathroom use, with the woods acting as our restroom. There are outhouses just about everywhere, however there are a few that we will be about two to three hours walking away from one. (We pack out ALL garbage and refuse.)

Further planning: I am sensitive to dietary requirements, energy needs, and the other considerations that come up when organizing an event like this. Getting in touch and registering your space early allows me to do that for you.

GETTING HERE: : Stanfield International Airport is my home airport. Tickets to NS are affordable at this time. We are driving distance from MB, Quebec, Maine, New York, and Ontario. There may be options for sharing travel expenses and doing the drive!

I currently have capacity for 10-12 participants. I am accepting registrants now. I ask for $111 CAD deposit fee to reserve your spot. If your plans change, this will be 100% refundable up until JUNE 1. The registration must be paid in full by July 1. I will require it to hire the chef, get car costs and take care of our needs before you get here! Downpayment may be sent to paypal.me/KatieIndiCrow. I also accept etransfers to this address if you are in Canada.

If you would like to register your space but need a week or two for the downpayment, no worries. Let me know and I will get you on the list. Having your energy included helps me make a better plan inclusive to you as the being you are. In loving co-creation, Katie IndiCrow

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