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Incoming: Enjoying and Celebrating These Moments

Friends, I have the feeling that I used to have on Christmas Eve as a child. Huge excitement, knowing something awesome is here and/or just about to happen, and that with a little tiny bit of patience, bam. Presents. What is primed to be put into the planet now (with a big wave in just a few hours) is perhaps some of the most wonderful energy I have ever had the chance to share with you about.

Big huge yes moment.

Yesterday was one of the most satisfying and exciting days I have spent in connection with this planet. Ever. The systems we are building and have built and the processes we are working with to turn them on and shift things over are working so incredibly well. At one point, I sat down with some beloved tree co-creators and we went into the field together. As part of my work, I bring systems together and create access points for them to become real in this dimension. What is built is working well. Connecting in with the others who work these systems was one of the most fun parts of astral work I have ever done. It is really something to be able to sense and know and feel the other creators in the astral and earth planes as we come together in unification for the planet. Yesterday, as we met in the field to do our divine tasks so many diligently placed and lovingly created parts clicked in. There was a huge fusion flash wave as we harmonized and then off we were to take care of the other layers of our tasks again.

At around this time, the seismic activity began. Sandra Walter had written about it as part of the triangle zone she works at. Many of us have noticed similar happenings in our regions as the systems shift.

As I feel into the system about what my day will be about, I get a sense of the vibratonal tone of what is building. What I get to go out and help bring in. If I were to describe what I feel in my heart as I connect to this, it feels like what it feels like to connect to your hearts desire. It feels like dreams coming to fruition.

The point in sharing this update is to say yay, congratulations! I also wanted to give people a loving word of encouragement to take some moments on self care and to be gentle as this influx comes in. It feels as though we are going to have a sparkler kind of series over the next 12 hours or so. Creators: This is a yeah, yeah, yeah moment. I am running outside as soon as I write this update to be in more direct communication with the natural world. I am SO excited right now. We know when that is the feeling heading out, things are going to be GOOD!

Physically speaking, many are already feeling the acceleration series that this is a part of. Many have been feeling the transformation process in their cellular cleansing. Solstice, eclipse, and our star/planet alignments are helping with that. There is a possibility that we will feel this again today throughout this influx. If it feels intense, I want you to know that all of this is happening in flow and alignment with these major influxes that are occurring right now in this planet. The best thing any of us can do is self care. I am also a huge fan of being outside in these moments. Animal companions and children friends would do well with some extra energetic care as we shift this one through as well.

We have worked long and hard for all of this and I want to send so much love and thanks to all who are and have been part of this. We finally came home.

On that note, I am hosting an energy system update call on Tuesday, July 9 at 7 pm ADT. This is in the form that the gridworkers calls were in but with a different flow. I have some information to get out about the integrated grid system and some of what is going on with solar discs. The transition into bringing in some of the other systems. I feel also it is important that I am available to answer questions. I HIGHLY recommend that those wanting to be in the know show up for this! ***A replay will be available of the material I deliver which you can also access by registering. Only those present live will get the detailed q and a as I turn off the recording to respect speakers anonymity and disclorsure. Click here to register: ALSO PLEASE TAKE NOTE THAT you are able to pay with credit card and not going through paypal. Just click the button that comes up and it brings you through to a place where you can do a direct transaction. The company that hosts my site has to adjust this label. I know it is confusing. https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com/courses/community-call

For a taster of what is incoming, please check out this interview I did yesterday where I first publically shared about this integrated grid system and one of the processes I will share more about in the call!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dewFGMvkc6I

*Please feel free to share this update. It is a community resource.*

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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