In honour of my Father and in thanks to the Banshees

A year ago today, the banshees came to me. My father was crossing. They came to me so I would not be alone. They brought me to a rock and brushed my hair. They helped me prepare to go get my father and bring him to the other side which I did.

Their song was the most beautiful I had ever heard. Their comfort exactly what I so desperately needed at that moment. You see, I never got to say goodbye. That opportunity was stolen from me two times by abusive and dangerous members of what people related to them call family. I was alone. Not granted the opportunity to see him. The banshees were my family when I had no one.

Some people say the banshees are dangerous. Some say they are beings to fear. In my worst moment they were there. They were the softness. They were the love and the comfort. When my father died most of my 'friends' treated me like I was an untouchable. Aside from the banshees, Damien and one person... I was completely physically alone.

I share this today in honour of the banshees. In memory of my father. In solidarity with all who have had loss and cross this year. I know so many of us had death, humiliation, pain, and sorrow this year. I know many of us are starseeds born into family lines designed to destroy us and that many of us face these ugly extras in these moments. It sucks but it is what it is. These dark days become blessings when we give them the chance. May these marks of pain blossom to sunspots for all of us.

May we all continue healing.

Here is a picture of us. We had very few. .

I created a public ceremony for those of us who are in the people crossed boat. Click here to participate:



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