Imbolc Invocation of Freedom and Growth

Connect to the crystalline core of earth.

Connect to source.

Allow yourself to harmonize to the incoming energy stream and intend to align with your highest vibrational ascension pathway available in this moment.

When you feel the energy buzzing, call forth the following energies sparked by these coded statements and the image linked below (created by Iris Adema for today). Together, they will wave these vibrations through your field.


I allow myself to open up to the high vibrational energy stream available to me in this now.

I welcome the adjustments, upgrades, and alignments that my soul has called forward

in their highest vibrational form.

I call forth my soul, its integration, and unified performance.

I recognize my freedom, free will, and autonomy and it serves as a basis for all action.

I revoke any outdated, false, and holographic contracts that impinge upon me in any time, space, or dimension in any way, shape, or form.

I call forth my newly formed integration pathway.

THE IMAGE connected to this piece is a specially designed code for this invocation series. Working with it as your soul is inspired is a great way to support the purification and alignments sparked with the words and your intent.

When you are ready, release the practice. You will likely find yourself moving to bed to receive it. There will be strong pulses and a lot of emotion as this fluxes through the system.

Following up with exercises like this energetic purification piece will support your alignment: Check out my youtube page and blog for more open access support tools!

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

Please note that February is filled with awesome opportunities to engage! Of special note are 2 alignments to be co-created by Iris and myself! Click here for more information on how to register:

#kundalini #imbolc #exercise #freedom #autonomy

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