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Identifying and Stabilizing from Psychic Attacks

A psychic attack is an intentional energy draining technique that is used by forces acting in 'controller' energy. The intention of a 'psychic attack' is to create fear, stop personal progression (especially when taking steps that lead us to our freedom), and to harm. Many of you have heard of the 'archon grid' and/or practices of harvesting adrenachrome. The behavours covered in this post are a main source of how the controllers used to use us to power and maintain their fear agenda on this planet.

There are many different forms that this type of behaviour takes. This post specifically deals with being able to identify a) when we are being psychically attacked through another person and b) what we are able to do to get into control.

Knowledge is power. We are not tools nor batteries for harvest. This post is long. The information is solid. Take rests reading if you need to. These words will empower you. Context of action: Why these happen As many people know, this planet became enslaved through the course of the last epoch. Psychic attacks were one of the primary ways that people had been tagged and siphoned into, through, and by this system.

Note: We are in the process of a great awakening and freedom effort that has been ongoing for many years (lifetimes). Accelerating since 2012, people like me have been working to take down the access points for these energies from souls and this planet. 2021 -2024, the masses of our population will be freed from this technology. I have created hundreds of soul freedom related materials. Please feel welcomed to work with them.

General Characteristics Accompanying This Behaviour

Often *but not always* the person who eventually becomes the control energy agent does some form of energy or attention seeking behaviour designed to get your attention (energy). This could be asking for a date, trying to get back in past a boundary, a hateful comment, lying, or trying to leverage money. This is the 'action' that becomes the 'justification' or 'grounds' of the interaction.

As for the action itself.....

A) It happens when you are least expecting it. In your innocence of relaxation. With someone you feel you can really trust. Waking up. When you feel really happy. An exciting day. Something you feel proud about. B) Often but not always comes from someone you know. It is that 'knowing' and consent of contact that often opens the doorway for the attack. The more you care about a person, the worse it hurts.

C) Another frequent inroad is internet communications. An inflammatory and hatefilled comment is a regular doorway for this energy to try to get in. Especially when made on something we created. That is our heart we are sharing (so value and protect your creations).

How We Feel When it is Happening and Why

Our bodies and emotional states are two key indicators of whether this is a psychic attack or not.

In the body, it can feel like shaking and rattling inside of your chest. You get hot, your pulse quickens, and you go into fight or flight response. I have been noticing that the current iteration of this energy brings a short but intense coughing fit. Tightness in the chest. A feeling of pulling on the feet. Tightness in the ridge of the head. Behaviour wise, the person delivering this energy usually makes very little sense in their path of doing so. Remember, element of surprise and confusion is key.

When it is over, we feel drained, like giving up, and exhausted. Often confused.

This response is exactly what these controllers are looking for. Shock, surprise, fear, vulnerability and the state we go into represents the adrenaline response. This is their battery cell. It is also the archon grid energy power source of choice. This is what demons eat and what fuels controllers. Disempowerment and disenchantment are also key objectives because this is what keeps us in soul sucking position.

If this is happening to you 1) Get safe. What ever that means to you. Often times this can happen in our homes or in public where there are threats to our physical danger. GET YOUR PHYSICAL BODY OUT OF DANGER. As quickly as you can. 2) Once physical body is safe. Start working to get your energy grounded. Deep breathing. Working with purification tools. My instagram, tiktok, blog, and youtube page are filled with tools you can work with to help yourself get clear. Those nature videos I always share are great for interrupting and clearing this. 3) Immediately repair your auric field. Smudge. Get strong. 4) As hard as it is. Clear your mind. Refocus. If that means reading Harry Potter, do it. Colouring, listening to music, going for a nap, crafting, writing, or otherwise getting your energy flowing helps keep your mind clear.

PRO TIP: Sometimes when we engage with this type of energy, it is so powerful that it floods our whole fields. It becomes all we can see and feel for a few minutes. We are our environment. This is especially the case for empaths. We process energy in waves. When a thick wave comes it can feel like it overtakes us. We sometimes get what feels like taken over. We reflect it to push it out. We process the waves. This can be where good people act crazy. The point in parts 2, 3, and 4 is to get the sabotaging energy out of the field causing as small an amount of damage as possible. Highlight: Priority. Get safe. Get calm. Getting safe and calm unplugs us from it and gets us back into control. Do not loop yourself back into the situation by immediately trying to communicate with this person. Take the boundary. If you need to make one. State it. Block phone numbers. Know that sometimes (mostly) these things make no sense. Trying to understand them loops you back. If you have no sweet clue where what is happening is coming from, it is a good indicator something 'extra' is going on. How to Rebound

The objective is to knock us off our path, take the wind from our sails, and to keep us oppressed. This is why these instances often come in moments where we are making huge steps.

For this reason, keeping on in the exact path you were on when the attack happened is exactly what to do. They come to decenter us. Get back in the heart and back to you.

Do not let ANYTHING stop you from being you. Picking ourselves up and continuing on is important. It is alright if we need a moment or day to rest and rebound. The main thing is we keep going.

Keep On Keeping ON!

As the veil lifts, many people are recognizing just how prevalent this type of action is. The good news is. When we are taking care of our soul and learning about how to keep ourselves clear we are able to keep these instances outside of our fields and/or to get then handled QUICKLY. When this happens we know it is happening. It also happens way less. Especially if you have friends and family who are clear as well. Remember: If one of these things happens in your field it does not automatically mean you have 'healing' or 'work' in you to do. That new age falsehood is a disempowerment thoughtform. This is the world we live in and by being here, once in a while we do run into these things. It is how we handle it and move on that shows our true strength and depth of knowledge.

Seeking some tools and further information on this?

Seeking a shorter video on soul freedom? Click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DS-TKh1ouTY&t=426s.

For more information on mind/soul control and the adrenaline system, I highly recommend this video on purifying the pineal gland/adrenaline system. There is both a practice and an opportunity to support your own freedom whilst also getting educated on this system: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWOtz6TMzi8 .

Feel welcomed to scroll my blog and my youtube video for many more practices and years worth of information on this! I am also about to begin a video blitz! Find me on tiktok as Katie IndiCrow and help me get to 1000 so I can make longer videos and get this information out to the masses. More on that here: https://www.indicrowenergetics.com/community: https://www.indicrowenergetics.com/learning .

Seeking more information on if you are being possessed or used by one of these jokers? Check back for a special focus on just that in the coming days.


Katie IndiCrow

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Living my life in peace and joy. Impenetrable to all else.

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