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Hurt Self, Meet Healed Self (A Journey)

Hurt Self, Meet Healed Self. How Are You Doing?

Hurt selves and healed selves. You may know them by their street names Shadow self and light being. Hurt self is that being that tells us everything is broken and that there is nobody that we can trust. Healed self is experienced. They have been through it all and know still found love. They are the voice that tells us to keep going.

We all have em both. They exist within each of us.

This Crow Medicine podcast takes us on a journey to meet our hurt and healed. We learn who they are and what motivates them. Most importantly, we learn what we can do to help hurt self find peace.

*This installment contains no music which means it is available to everyone in full without any form of account to any podcasting or music service. I loved this idea so much I wanted to make sure it was as widely accessible as possible. So many of us are meeting both of these people this week. Getting the Medicine out to as many as possible is important to me!

Click here for a lovely little post about/direct link to the journey: https://crowmedicinemedia.com/2021/04/17/crow-medicine-ep-7-meeting-our-hurt-and-healed-selves/.

Please feel welcomed to circulate to friends and family. Your community, as well!

(This is the tone of the new creations I have been telling you about).

Let me know how you felt through the journey. Feedback and hearing how this is getting out there is really nice to receive!



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