Healing the Mother Wound, Soul Aligning and Re-Connecting to Ancient Practice (in Purified form)

Hello, people of the blog!

I am back to earth from a sojourn that saw me doing some pretty exciting work traveling the universe. Things with the internet shifted very quickly and I was off. I apologize for not making a post to you here about it :).

I am back to full speed here and grounding our transitions in the grids, stars, and so happily working with clients in session and teaching classes once again. YAY! Thank you for accepting that my duties in other parts of our transitions require me to step back from more exuberant public sharing from time to time. The video shares more about some of the cool I have been up to including helping babies and new souls be born!!

I am back to full speed here and grounding our transitions in the grids, stars, and so happily working with clients in session and teaching classes once again. YAY! Thank you f

This is a quick all-around update in which I summarize some of the key moments and movements of the Freedom Gateway (which occurs typically between May 19 and May 26 these past three years) and ongoing collective shifting that we are currently experiencing.

Key words/Themes: Healing pain and trauma in our collectives. Focus in this broadcast on the mother wound. Welcoming starseeds and starseed souls to the planet: Helping babies being born and securing loving and clear passage in (and out) for souls choosing to be born and leave. Why we sleep more and less at certain times/why some of us do not do calanders and clocks. Natural body rhythms and welcoming our cosmic flow connection.

Ongoing work with kundalini/karma shifting. I am able to do a phase kundalini expansion alignments. I have felt souls seeking. I have also felt some seeking support on the archon unplugging. If you have been browsing my blog and feeling by this. I am now receiving applicants for the procedure.

Soul autonomy and alignment: Highly recommend participating in this offering 'Soul Care'. I am in the process of offering it with the option of live group calls. This is a great opportunity to walk through the process of soul unification, karma alignment, and learning autonomy engagement/co-creation with a group and to have fun in dynamic conversation and learning. I am also doing flexible tuition based on your currency. The next round of group starts in a week. There are some preloaded/study materials to get you started if you are keen!!! Click here to access: https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com/courses/soul-care-1.

Welcoming communications from those who recognize themselves as connected to and aligned with my priestess energy comment. Some may recognize the term goddess. I know it is time for me to bring us together and to support the refining of various parts of our sacred crafts. I am ready to work with you privately. As I vet the group, I know it is time for that as well. We have already begun gathering. However, please do get in touch. It is important for us to self select and include our own energy into something. This is empowered embodiment.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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