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Healing the Cosmic Wound: Part of our 11:11 Lead-Up and a Request for Support for Womb Spaces

Healing the Cosmic Womb

A topic many of us hear about. But what does it mean?

To me it means cleaning out the cosmic womb space, within and without, so that we are able to connect with our own heart of creation. In a feminine body, this often *but not always* has much to do with the womb. A place we are born through as well as that which is ready to be brought through in code also comes through. It is a place to create and travel from. The source of the inner blackness which is the home of the web of creation.

*Male coded bodies do have their own contribution to/version of this womb space as well. How that works, I admit I do not yet fully understand. I am in conversations with Mars to learn more about that. Part of the veil that came on was that the spectacular nature of certain 'male' bodies has been forgotten and/or the reasons why which souls came o be in which bodies has also been obscured.

The womb space and its harsh appropriation by souls occupying male coded and appearing bodies has been one of our major wounds. Clearing that jealousy/hatred/figuring out why we got turned against one another based on this piece

of body is a HUGE part of our healing. If reading this piece brings up weird feelings in you, it is an example of how deep these programs run. Allow that to come up and release with love.*


In the case of physical bodies, this can mean the 'womb'. This is the place many female coded gatekeepers bodies work with bringing in codes or pieces of vibration into this reality. We physically bleed and birth them into this world. This is not just for gatekeepers, though. Many of the divine feminine energy carriers have taken on the journey of clearing the earth of this energy through our lives. My womb, as many other women who took on the divine feminine journey, has carried the marks of abuse that have been done to us. We have lived those scenarios and worked to bring peace to them. Many of us have been bleeding out of the ordinary this month. Myself included, with a flow that has been ongoing since mid October and the approach to Petra and Uluru with the great clearing began. Bleeding for a month and with such daily and embodied shifting can be a lot. Hugs to those who may be experiencing this as well. We are not alone.

In some ways, this is happening 'etherically' as in there are energetic incidences that these patterns are weighted into that are affecting the collective trajectory. We then must adjust the relations of divine wounding like what happened at Petra or through certain forms of forced hybrid blending, bringing peace, understanding, and forgiveness. A lot of this wound up playing itself out in social relations, like forced/expected emotional labour, being subjected to unequal power relationships with partners, children or in the work place, and having programs tell us what we can and cannot do with our bodies. As we have work through our spiral of healing, these programs and behaviours are coming up for evaluation and shifting. We adjust the relations and energy pieces that come up as they do.

The womb also means earth energy. The earth itself has many womblike spaces. These are important spaces of creation and connection. Uluru is one of them. Her story says so much about what so many of us have experienced, so let us reflect upon it. Uluru was a sacred place meant to represent the womb energy cordoned off, put posts into, then tramped upon for so long that it sustained extreme damage. As she was Uluru represented so much of what the feminine journey has been for many of us. Owned, objectified, trodden over, and appropriated for entertainment in the name of some form of 'sacred relationship'. Her chains have been lifted and she has been closed to tourist operations, with the guardianship being placed in the hands of the Indigenes who have been her sacred caretakers since time immemorial. The chains coming off of Uluru at the same time we worked the Petra wound is SIGNIFICANT. The figurative chains are coming off. The wounds are being given space to be aired out and healed. This includes not only those that existed within us, but also the ones represented by the power relations in our societies, relationships, workplaces, and homes.


Today, and as part of our lead up to 11:11, I wanted to bring our attention to a site in Ireland that I have had the pleasure of working with over the years. Its name is Dowth and it is located in the Boyne Valley of Ireland.

As was the example with Petra, the sacred sites of the earth that represent the womb and wounding must be cleared and cared for. Dowth is significant in that it was meant to be the site of a bridge to the sky. A King set out to build it, supported by his sister who was able to work with the earth and elements. The sun, specifically. Halfway through constructing the bridge, the King stopped work and raped his sister who was creating with him. This destroyed the momentum of their connection to the sky. The building never resumed. The site and the opportunity it represented became disconnected. Because of these incidents, it came to be named Dowth which translates to 'the Darkness'.

As we have moved through the spiral, Dowth has begun calling out to me for inclusion in our 11:11 light up project, as well as for its reconnection and readiness to amplify the purity and power of our current integration projects. I have personally visited it several times, working on it as part of my journey to sparking divine feminine energy that was an earlier sacred task. When I went there, it showed me that in its higher vibrational context, it is meant to be a beacon for children and families. A site of togetherness and happiness. It showed me it filled with people drumming and humming into the womb of the earth, honouring all of creation. Picnic lunches. Crafts. A place to honour who we are when we are together in that creative space of love. Beautiful, right?


Today, as we move through the process of divine integration and healing our wounding, I invite you to join me in anchoring some focused and intentional light into Dowth. This activity can be as simple as envisioning soft pink and white light or the energy of purification flowing through it.

Begin by connecting to the image that I included with this post. That is our friend, Dowth! Introduce yourself to it, let it know what you are there for, and ask it if it is ok for you to connect in. (This consent part is very important.)

If you feel a 'yes', begin the connection process. View the site as beginning to sparkle and warm up. Envision and invite in the white light of purification. You will notice this energy can flow and swirl, sparkle and dance. You may notice it begin getting into some spaces of congestion. Do not force. Connecting with the simple intention to provide energetic support in alignment with its 7d plus activation is a wonderful intention to set as a frequency setter for inspiration and energy creation with it.

As we work with this site in our connection, I invite those inclined to intend that warm flowing energy to extend to all womb spaces of the earth. Call them awake with our hearts and intent. Let them know we are ready to support. The sites of the womb respond well to loving intentions, soft speaking, drumming, dancing, and simple, honest intention. These are not sites to whom we issue 'commands'. This is about giving space to activate, awaken, and expand. We treat these sites as we would like to be treated. They are a reflection of ourselves.

PLEASE NOTE: This activity is about waking up, showing support, and giving love. Not imposing any alignment. There will be ripples of a desire to do that in some of you who may feel inclined to begin hooking timelines etc. into it. If this comes up, I ask you to observe the thread. That desire to 'do' in that form can sometimes be the energy of control working its way out of your/our lightworking system. If this comes up, I invite you to allow yourself to release it. This site knows what it is and is in the process of aligning that. It is important that we do not interfere. Rather, we support as it has requested!

Remember, as within so without. As we flow this energy with intention to the womb sites of the earth, we are supporting one another through our own healing flow. We are creating that sacred reality where womb spaces are honoured. Where that energy of creation is embraced, encouraged, and explored. Activities like this, where we join together in cosmic flow are part of nurturing this within all of us and for this planet.

Together, we can and are doing this.

*Please note that I am inspired to bring together a group for a formal womb clearing energy session . I can feel that there are some birth canals, cosmic appropriation, sexual assault, energy trauma pieces that are ready to come through for many of our community. I am able and ready to support that if we are at a space where we are ready for that form of connection. If there is interest, I would happily do a group alignment journey for us. I am down to my last week before it is site tour time but can definitely hold this session as one of my last public pieces before that happens. I think that this is an important one to experience live, but I also know that many are not ready for that. If you would be interested in participating in this, I will have the opportunity to put something on at 10 am AST Friday morning. Please message me directly at katieindicrow@gmail.com and let me know where your level of comfort is and/or if you would prefer to be there 'live' or access a formally recorded group activity. I am interested in being here for and with us as works for us best. Please do help me understand what works best for us. I will find my alignments in that!*

THANK YOU SO MUCH TO ALL who are working with such diligence and love to forgive, understand, align, purify, and clear. It is working so well. I love and value you.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

Please note I am hosting a community activity on 11:11 (with focused moments like this leading up to it) whose purpose is to support divine integration and restoring our blueprint. You may find more information on that here: https://www.facebook.com/events/669191170155834/

I have also made materials focusing on other parts of our integration and wounding. Please check them out here:

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Image sourced from www.knowth.com

Recent materials related to this piece are accessible here:

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