Grounding Our Astral Experiences: A flow workshop experience! (And a special announcement)

Welcoming a new set of participants to join into my brand newAstral Experiences flow workshop! Welcoming flexible start meaning I happily get you started early (with our 'official' beginning being Thursday, October 1).

This learning experience is a wonderful way to prepare for more advanced grounding of skills/personal training.

What is a flow workshop? Well. As opposed to having all the information delivered one day and talking about it then, I deliver the information in a package that you work with for approximtely 2-3 weeks. THEN we get together for a 2 hour chat/grounded learning conversation where I give specific feedback, support, and in depth information to support your souls' format of grounding.

What do we do? (How are we learning about grounding our astral experiences in this particular offering)

We work on three layers of exploring and analyzing our astral experiences: Physical, emotional, and in the soul. Exercsie wise: We work on creating and calling forth your grounded astral experience (overriding any veils and blocks). We then work on creating astral engagement zones. In our workshop meeting, we speak in depth about your grounding and how you recognize/recall your astral work.

We have meetings happening in rolling fashion, with our first on October 5 at 10 am ADT. We have a second happening October 12 at 12 pm ADT.

A third date will be added based on the availability of incoming participants.

TO REGISTER: Email me directly at

Registration is $111 CAD. That can be sent to or to my email address if in Canada for direct deposit.

HOW TO ACCESS: This is run through my online community. You will be able to access the information at your convenience. It is designed to work with your flow! I have been really enjoying sharing this information and have felt so excited at the revelations happening with our current registrants.

Seeking to work your way into an offering like this? This piece on soul unification/soul compass communication is the ideal place to start:

Also: Blog special announcement first offer. Welcoming Registrants to the Power of Ceremony to Support Soul Growth Learning Experience

I have a second brand new learning experience opening up on September 30 at 10 am adt!!

It is all about working with the power and joy of ceremony to support soul growth. The experience does have a live call kick off (attendance not mandatory...I just figured I would open up my skills recording session to those who would like to be live).

The material is designed to support you through the design/prepration, impelmentation, and follow up parts of ceremony! This is a wonderful opportunity for those who are seeking more insight into how we move into cosmic flow in our lives. What we learn how to do with our selves in this session will be expanded upon in subseequent learning sessions that this will serve as a building block for. This is a new core material. To be among the first to register, click here:

(are you a member of IndiCrow Community? You get the 2 hour information session as part of your tuition. There are other parts of this offering that will not be included in your access. Speak to me if you would like to get this full package. Our focus for the month is ceremonial. We will be working with supporting animals and ancestors at other points of our gatherings as well. This builds on our caretaking for the planet theme that we began last month.)

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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