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Golden Light Influx, Exercise, and Update!

(This post was originally written on December 5, 2019. The exercise described herein is a great one to use at any time you would like to boost yourself/the planet with the golden light.)

Today is fun.

Today is powerful.

Today, we have a major influx of our purified codes flowing in. These are being activated and powered by a huge pillar of golden light that we activated last week that is flowing through the planetary grid system.

I have been in calibration mode since about 3 am. Being in the flow sometimes means waking up at weird times to be able to consciously connect what is incoming. I am enjoying this. Immensely. We are even getting some snow, here. It will be great to get outside after my computer related tasks are through. I feel like I am going to have to get to a lot of places today, which excites me. The gears are turning. I live for these moments and nothing gives me more joy than kicking into full power mode.

Energy wise, are powering up for eclipse and 12/10 which is being earmarked for me as significant, and of course 12/12. The adjustments have been completed for this set. I am writing this post now to welcome those feeling inspired to join in with helping to get this purified golden frequency influx energy into and through the grids. We are placed all over the world. When we connect, we create a beautiful web!


-Connect to the crystalline grid

-Connect to source

-Feel yourself connecting to the major influx of golden light that is bathing the planet in this now.

-Take a moment to call in your soul aspects and fragments. Intend that they unify and bathe them in this golden light.

- Once you feel the golden energy buzzing in and through your body, begin to envision yourself and your energy system as a big huge pillar of this golden light.

- Envision yourself sending that golden light straight into the crystalline grid, intending that it goes where it is most required! (There are some places on this planet like Russia, the Carpathian Mountains, war torn regions in Iraq, Iran, the Congo and the list goes on that could use boosts. Your heart will take you to the right place.)

- Continue envisioning and streaming this golden white light through the planet for as long as you feel inspired.

- If you do site work, bring this light through each of the ones you are connected with. Purify yourself and your connection to them with it. Allow them to be charged up. They require care just like you.

-When you are through with bringing this light to the sites and spaces that inspire you, intend to release your connection to the practice.

- Allow yourself to remain connected to the golden light of purification. It will help you through this shift. (If you are not up for that, intend to release the connection! The free will choice of what you do with your energy system is yours.)

- Ground back to source and the crystalline grid.

- Release the practice.

Suggestions to Enhance

Those of you who are gridworkers that I have trained: I encourage you to envision this light getting to all of your sites and placing extra attention to what you are able to do in creation and support. This is go time. Doing your best is exactly enough and I encourage you to feel extremely motivated to do this exercise and others multiple occasions each day. I have taught you how to speak to the earth and hear so that in these moments you could enter the sacred conversation. Use what you have learned. I believe in you.

For everyone, I recommend that you do what you feel inspired to have fun with the exercise. I like to include dancing to everything. So, I have been dancing to this set from Fatboy Slim for the last hour or so: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8AvC05kXS9I&t=4757s.

Creative tasks like sculpting, knitting, or drawing are great ways to send in the golden light as well. Physical activities like getting out on the land and working with momentum and earth alignments is also a HUGE favourite for me. Whatever and however you connect, this is meant to be fun and pleasant.

A reminder that I am opening up a very unique training program called Caretakers of the Earth, next week. I have space for four applicants remaining. If you would like to learn about entering this sacred conversation and how to do it in your own unique way, please do reach out. Click here for more information: http://www.indicrowenergetics.com/post/caretakers-of-the-earth-and-beyond.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

Thank you so much to my kind community supporters. I am so appreciative of the warm intentions and financial contributions that I am receiving to help power my ongoing work. I am so grateful you heard my request for help. If you feel inspired to contribute, I may be reached at paypal.me/paypal.ca. However, my best suggestion to you would be to check out IndiCrow Academy and see if any of my new offerings would be of use to you! There is lots there and now is a great time to build your skill set. Here is a list of some of my more recent bits: http://www.indicrowenergetics.com/post/want-to-brush-up-on-your-skillset-announcing-all-new-packages-and-access-now-training

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