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Gatherings This Week: Dragons & Unicorns, Soul Activation/Alignment, and Lighting Up Communities

A reminder that we have Dragons and Unicorns special gathering for our young friends at 10 ADT, March 24.

Links for the Dragon gathering are being distributed solely through my personal blog www.indicrowenergetics.com. You will see a post come up about it tomorrow (this is done to keep the energy clear). Please note: This activity is specifically for children, parents, and guardians who are working on it together. Are you a grandparent? Welcome. Sibling? You, too. In general, I do ask that parents and young people be present together. Please respect that this activity is oriented toward creating engaging and SAFE learning spaces for young people. Caretakers/guardians, please know that I host on zoom and privately for that reason. Not able to make it? The exercise and information points of the replay will be posted on youbute (with the recording only featuring my face and voice).

Also putting the word out that i am doing a group energy alignment practice on Saturday at 10 ADT. I will be doing individual and group adjustments on this one. It will have to do with the 12strand plus activation and expansion that is occurring along with the shifting earth harmonics and veil release. I will also guide participants through some new information/skills development that they will be able to work with to ground the alignments performed in the session. Click here to register:


I feel that I am moving the 'Lighting Up Our Spaces' workshop to Monday, March 30. I had set it for Thursday this week, however it is clear I will be focused on the planet that day.

We will be beginning at 10 am and running until 1. I would love to get two or three more people in for this. It is well worth the effort. (I will allow people to pay in their own currency on this one. I know that it is all over the place so please feel free to avail of that). Registration $111-$155 pay as you are able. To register, contact me directly at katieindicrow@gmail.com. More information on the series is here: https://www.indicrowenergetics.com/post/lighting-up-our-communities-a-3-part-digital-learning-series.

Also note: I will be focusing with students and wrapping up procedures, this week! That means I will also be ready to take on some more kundalini activation/expansion/system upgrading clients for those who are seeking the 3 week procedure. I am ready to receive new requests! We, of course, will also continue the fun in Love Wave and wherever else we feel inspired. I get a feeling I will be in deep practice much of this week. I do welcome requests for sessions, working groups, and directed learning. Some of you are ready. I am not 'too busy' for you :).

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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