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For those who have been hurt.

For those who have been hurt.

This is a note to say that we are currently working closely with some very difficult energy relating to abuse of small children, particularly young ones acting in male coded contexts. Scouts, sports teams, church, foster care. The things that happen behind closed doors that become normalized because they are so scarily frequent.

Physical, sexual, and emotional abuse is real and it happens more than we would like to take on. This is very personal, deep, painful things that have shaped so many people. As a society, we do not often speak about these parts. When we do have our attention brought to these dynamics it is often through the lens of female identifying children. I know that a lot of male identifying people do not feel like they are safe to share their trauma and in part it is because we as a society are not creating enough spaces for them to. This post, though for all people, is most especially penned as a heart space for you. I know and see what your collective is showing me and I love you.

I share this post to humbly bring a little love and attention to this part of the equation. This is not just something that affects women. Sexual, physical, and emotional abuse happens to young men, too and it is not just poor ones, though they are most often to be targeted. This type of pain creates ripples inside. Big ones that can lead to self harm, reproduction of these dangerous patterns. If we really truly want to shift the dynamics of our communities, beginning to take our own ability to harm and our own past harms into a healing space is going to be important.

I share this post as a big huge hug to people who may be feeling some of their trauma come up, either in the case of being harmed or doing harm to others. I let you know that you are cared about, felt, LOVED. I remind you that reaching out to a counsellor or trusted friend or practitioner is not an act of weakness. There is nothing to be ashamed of. This stuff is tough and we do not have to go through it alone. In fact, that many of us think we have to is where our major problems begin.

This kind of trauma creates soul fragmentation and I know that a lot of pieces are coming back, because I am one of the people in the astrals helping get them for you. Taking time to align and work with and heal your soul is really going to help become whole again. That is achievable. You are not a broken person. In the arms of love, all can be rebuilt.

I see you. I love you. You matter.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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