Feeling extremes? The planet in the midst of a huge leap

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Ground. Work with the tools we have learned.

Let the little voices and impossible situations unravel.

Trust that when it feels like you can no longer continue that you have found a dimensional margin. When you get where it feels impossible, you know you are about to switch bands.

Stay consistent with your practice. Adjust your harmonics. Care for your souls and energy fields.

We are mid-harmonic shift, friends.

Keep moving. Keep together. We are doing well.

(Remember: You have been preparing for this.)

Check out my YouTube page and blog www.indicrowenergetics.com for open access support materials. We have also covered this extensively in private training.

We have been learning about the mechanics of this for many lifetimes. You are more prepared than you may realize.

We are an amazing squad of co-creators from every part of this universe.

We got this.

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