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Happy Weekend!!

We have had a HUGELY TRANSITIONAL WEEK! Woo. Our original blueprint pattern is not only restored, it is activated. What this means is that anything not that is going to burn off. We are in Scorpio season and speeding our way toward solstice. This is going to be quick (if we let it be) and intense.

Part of my work is to do my best to make sure that I have created meaningful information packages and updates. The same goes for tools and skill sets!

This week, we made a huge set of timeline adjustments possible. We have a lot of energy being worked through our fields for balance and opportunities to create change.

As part of my work as an architect of ascension, I knew this was coming. I also know there is a lot more on its way! Solstice is going to be magnificent (if we allow it). As you hear me say so often, doing timeline adjustments, getting yourself supported with awesome auric field practice, and learning how to mind your energy field in day to day life is super important to getting through this with a smile on our faces. It is not always easy, but it does not have to suck.

As part of my contribution to you, my awesome community, I put together this learning and toolkit package. In it you will find a whole course worth of material on how to take care of your energy field (and understand if what you are feeling belongs to you/someone else/where that may be), how to adjust timelines, some fun tools like soundcapes for going out in public, and a really great hour long meditation practice that is all about dissolving old energy/timelines, harmonizing your fields, and integrating all your upgrades that come in throughout the week.

Basically, it is a toolkit designed for exactly these moments, with love, by me.

To find out more about the offering, click here! I have included detailed summaries

about each 'piece' of the package on the landing and access page.

Please note that I have been the recipient of much kind support for my ongoing planetary work by you, my community. If any of you who have so kindly sent in financial support would like to access this program, I am happy to 'match' your contribution in the form of an exchange adjustment. You help me, I am happy to do the same.

FOR MORE AND TO ACCESS EVERYDAY ENERGY NOW, CLICK HERE: https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com/courses/every-day-energy-tools-for-enjoyment-and-flow

I also remind people of my offering 'I AM' that is all about working through behavioural upgrades, learning how to shift out patterns (and create new ones) as well as how to call forth and align your new timelines through intention setting and conscious energy field management: https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com/courses/i-am

Taking a course or doing an energy alignment through IndiCrow Academy is a GREAT way to build your own capacity whilst also helping me! I am pleased to remind people of that and to let them know that the donation exchange offering is in place across the board (aside from sessions).

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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