Equinox Is For Action

Violence against Mi'kmaq fishers operating on Treaty Rights has been occurring in my region.

Non-Indigenous local commercial fishers have decided they are now not only law experts, they also have a right to act to forcibly enact their misled interpretation of it. As noted by a person in this article, they see themselves as doing the work DFO and the government should be. Thus legitimizing surrounding six boats with a large commercial fleet, cutting lines, removing traps, and threats of violence. (Article:


May we remember these are commercial fishers taking violent action to stop people fishing here for however many generations in accordance with Treaty. May we remember the vast relational difference between how Mi'kmaq fishers and commercial fishers treat the environment. May we recognize the long term relationships of respect Indigenous persons in this territory hold with animals and the land.

A major focus of my ceremony as part of Equinox is to support transparency in this process. A peaceful conclusion to the standoff. Accountability for actions for all involved parties including DFO. For Treaty being upheld in integrity. For Treaty rights to be respected.

I invite our community to join in.

It is totally acceptable to connect ceremony in support of what we care about. This is what ceremony is for.

Equinox is for action. As always. I stand for peace, transparency, and balance.

I stand in solidarity with the Mi'kmaq fishers whose kin have long lived, loved, and taken care of this region.

Link 2: https://atlantic.ctvnews.ca/mobile/arrests-made-after-n-s-protesters-confront-indigenous-fishermen-over-right-to-fish-1.5110918.

When we let corporate interests dictate resource management. We all eventually lose. Treaty is what stands between this planet and destruction, legally speaking. This is important.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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