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Equinox Activities and Points of Focus

Greetings, friends!

Our Equinox gateway has opened. As many have experienced, the alignments leading up to these moments have created space of great shifting.

As we move into Equinox this year, I wanted to let you know that I will be here as always, sharing updates and organizing collective events for co-creation. We have built a strong foundation of connection, recognizing the potential of unifying as a collective to support common ascension goals. This year, I feel that leading into Equinox (and through to solstice), we are being given the opportunity to shift lots of the

A big theme for how I feel that we will be focusing this year is on moments and tasks of co-creation! There are a lot of us here and ready to support the great shifting. We are placed geographically and ideologically in strategic locations. We have developed interests and alignments with specific themes of interest. We have developed skills through years of practice, training, and interaction. When we unify our intent, we are able to create magnificent pathways. Hearing the call of our collectives as well as responding to sharing our skillsets in tasks that are fun and inspiring is important.

A big part of what I am feeling inspired to share over this gateway season are calls to focus energy around themes, locations, and tasks. Because we are such a diverse group, it is entirely possible that some of us will feel more drawn to particular tasks than others. I encourage us all to connect in to the aspects of creation that we are passionate about and inspired by and to allow ourselves to focus on that. I will share the updates on the themes for collective action on my blog, IndiCrow Energetics, through LOVE WAVE (online FB forum focused on collective action), and through my FB profile IndiCrow Energetics as my primary means of written communication.

Some key themes arising thus far: Securing love based conditions for all children; supporting animal collectives; grid building and upgrading; intergalactic peace; cosmic harmonization; plant medicine; sex, sexuality, and interpersonal relations; and healing sacred wounding. (It is possible that new ones will arise and that some of these will be worked on more specifically post Equinox leading to solstice!) Working groups are powerful units that come together around tasks, in astral and earth space. We have been learning about and practicing creating as part of them in our community spaces. I encourage all to recognize their experience and to be welcoming and supportive of those who are more new to these activities.

FOR CERTAIN, we will be hosting ceremony on Monday, September 23 from 10-11 AM ADT. I have no idea what the focus will be as the alignments for the planet are still unclear. I can tell for certain that we will be pumping up the earth grids and helping prepare for the transition to 7th dimensional frequency, integration and powering up of new technology, working with the tree network to support the human heart grid and planetary purification, and whatever other elements come forward. This call will take place on ZOOM to be inclusive of all the non FB people in our community.

I welcome those who would like to be part of the ongoing conversation to 'like' my FB page IndiCrow Energetics and/or to subscribe to my blog www.indicrowenergetic.com. I will do my best to keep circulating updates that are both meaningful and timely.

For those who are curious: I am open for some sessions this week! Please reach out if you would like to book in.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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